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      Ok so 1st week of t was loud left ear then 3 days later right ear.1 week later it calmed down a bit and just noticed low whistle sound on left. I got off the earplugs thinking I didn't need them anymore.plus somebody on here said the doctor told him earplugs is not a good idea.i was a bit paranoid.then all of a sudden I woke up early in the morning with ringing in both ears.i felt like throwing up knowing the noise got louder plus I couldn't sleep.anybody want to guess why it got loouder? This is what I did the day before.

      1.ate good amount of pizza in the night.

      2.went to visit brother and just sat on couch meanwhile kids were screaming. I wore hoodie plus sort of had thumbs in my ear to block the kids noise.

      3.went to Home Depot about 1 hour after shower.is being in the cold bad for t? Days ago I bought a half face mask that covers the ear.

      4.was joking with family then at one point I covered my ears and did a medium sound scream.

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