Tinnitus Got Worse After Seeing a Loud Band

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by John Abbinanti, Sep 25, 2016.

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      Hi Folks,
      Very happy to come across this support site. I think it's very difficult for people without this condition to fully understand it. I've had tinnitus for 3 years and I am a musician. Went to check out a club I will be performing at soon just to check out the space. As always I wear my custom musician ear plugs to protect myself. I even wear these at the movies now! Any way the band was very loud and was surprised that even with my ear plugs it was uncomfortable. I left only after a few songs and this morning my tinnitus is a bit worse. Then I realized that I mistakenly put the wrong filters in my custom ear plugs. I was only cutting out 9db as opposed to 25db which makes a big difference! Trying to be easy on myself for making that mistake and just chill out. Stress makes my T worse. I need to trust that it will calm down in a day or two if I do not obsess about it.

      IMPORTANT: I'll leave you all with this. I used to think of myself as a victim because of my T. "How could this happen to me?" Must say this still happens from time to time.
      Here's the gift: My T has forced me to up my meditation practice which not only helps my T but my overall health and wellness. It has transformed most of my musical gigs to acoustic gigs and I've got to tell you I now love doing acoustic gigs and probably would not have discovered that passion without my T

      Hope you are all doing well with your condition and not letting it beat you down. It's not easy but sometimes it's just a day at a time.
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      I like your positivity and hope your tinnitus settles soon....lots of love glynis

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