Tinnitus Has Been Constant for Half a Year — Now a New Spike After Listening to "Loud" Music in Car

Discussion in 'Support' started by chaLLas, May 22, 2019.

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      Dear all,

      It's me again. I have not been on here for months since I was doing much better... I fought myself back to life over the last months. I was a nervous wreck by the end of 2018 and was afraid of every noise to make my tinnitus worse. I was wearing earplugs even when cleaning the kitchen. Step by step, I faced the situations and the sounds, skipped the plugs for kitchen cleaning, then from my 10 minutes drive to work, then for long meetings at work, then for longer drives and so on... luckily my tinnitus did not get worse and I habituated to my sounds. I did not think about tinnitus any longer. It was still there and I think the volume did not decrease. Yet I had large time spans where I did not recognize it - and when I did, I did not care.

      This has now led to my next big mistake... I have been out eating yesterday with a friend. Afterwards, I was in really good mood and felt like driving around with my car a little just for fun... something I have ever enjoyed and did not do since the onset of tinnitus last year.

      Also since I noticed moderate noise does not harm me that much, I also decided doing something I have not done since the onset of tinnitus. I wanted to listen to my favorite music while driving. I took my phone app to check how loud the music is so I do not overdo it. The music had been varying between 70 and 80 dB at the most, when a song showed up that I like. Overall, I was driving around for like an hour, music not constantly playing at that level. But now somehow I feel it was louder than the app showed...

      Unfortunately, this seems to have led me to a major setback. I went from someone who got his life back to square one of everything I successfully fought against for the last few months.

      My tinnitus is now louder and more aggressive. I know all the tones that are there since they were there at the first onset, but over the time most of them reduced to zero. Only two tones remained constant, which was easy to deal with.

      I am really ashamed of myself since I have manouvered myself into setbacks from loud music multiple times now... I am always recovering to a level where I feel I got my life back and then I feel like I can live my old life and do everything I like as before... even if I try not to overdo it, it is just too much every time.

      Do you maybe have some tips for me? Over the months, I have been taking Magnesium, NAC, Turmeric, Ginkgo and Vitamin D3 - so I still do that. I know nobody can know this, but... do you think this is a spike that might fade, or do you think this is serious and I should get some medication?

      I am so disappointed about myself... I really need to burn some kind of mantra in my head that protects me from myself if I feel the need to listen to loud music again.
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      How is your tinnitus now? Did things calm back down any?
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      Loud music
      @chaLLas Old post, I know, and I hope your tinnitus retuned to baseline. I just wanted to write that you described what could've been one of my spikes and my reaction to it.

      So far, every time it has happened to me, life has eventually returned and the tinntus has been either back to normal or I've just re-adjusted. Actually sometimes hard to tell which it is, but sometimes that has taken days, sometimes months. I am battling one now and am trying to keep that in mind.

      Last time though, I got help (I think) from 4-5 months use of SSRI.
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      dont do that
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      Loud music
      Easier said than done...

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