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Discussion in 'Support' started by Artmuzz, Feb 29, 2016.

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      For a few years, I have been getting the occasional ultra high pitched tinnitus which sounds similar to a dog whistle but is only noticeable in quiet enviroments but is worse when I get up in the early hours of the morning to go to the bathroom. However, today I am freaking out. I have been suffering severe sciatica pain in my right leg for nearly a month and I am having sleepless nights with it. Last night, I felt a sore throat coming on in the left side of my throat as if I was coming down with a cold. Anyway, this morning while in bed I started getting tinnitus in my right ear (the ear I have been having the high pitched tinnitus) which sounds like background engine noise on an airliner when in the cockpit. I instantly freaked out and tried putting almond oil in my ear to no avail. Now the sound doesn't seem to be as loud as when it started but I'm still concerned. I am wondering if this could be down to stress as I have been stressed out over my bad sciatica and not sleeping properly or could it be just a symptom of a cold coming on as I have a slight sore throat.
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      I have exactly the same since two days and I try not to freak out but kind of hard. I have now two different sounds, one is slight buzzing which is not bothering me too much, but the other one is like all over my head very high and very loud. I find it very annoying.
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      It could be due to a virus with a bad throat and not sleeping and if stressed to and your mind over thinking things.

      Try to make some time to relax and a few gentle exercises to help your sciatica ....lots of love glynis
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      Thanks for the replies.

      The tinnitus lasted an hour then disappeared. I was really freaking out because I had never had tinnitus like that. It was like there was an airliner parked in the distance with its engines on. However, I have been getting the whistle type of tinnitus come and go all through the day. So far I only have the usual slight high pitched dog whistle tinnitus I usually have but I only hear it in quiet enviroments.

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