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      Hi, I am new to this great site. Wish it had been there when my tinnitus started in 1999.

      My T started after some sudden and extreme noise exposure and was louder than trucks driving on the road next to me (high pitch tone).

      My memories of the first night after it started are as clear as if it was yesterday. Couldn't sleep and all the things ... you know.

      Almost got hospitalized then, but I was somewhat lucky. Saw an ENT the next day. She prescribed me a 10 day intravenous therapy with Pentoxifylline/Trental (have been told this therapy is only common for ENTs in Germany). The side effects were ugly - drop in blood pressure, dizziness - and made my fall flat for the full 10 days. But it was worth the price - after a few days into the therapy maybe 70% of the tinnitus disappeared.

      The remaining tinnitus was so gentle I could only hear it at night when everything was silent. Used different masking devices to get my sleep and then over the years it disappeared more and more. It only came back from time to time when I caught a cold or was living too stressful ... like a "good old friend" reminding to take care of me.

      That's how it has been up until three weeks ago.

      Now it's back, stronger than ever. Started three weeks ago without any obvious reason. Another IV therapy wouldn't work as it only works for tinnitus after noise exposure ... and if applied immediately. Seems teh mainstream ENT-knowledge won't be of much help this time.

      So I'm looking out for non-mainstream treatments and hope to find some guidance here. Seems I'm in for a much rougher ride than the first time I had T.

      Best luck to each one of you
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