tinnitus is causing me to have anxiety

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      I've got tinnitus in both ears but it's presence in my deaf ear that runs me nuts at times. 1991,I had a 30% decrease in hearing in my right ear. An acustic neuroma tumor was found to be the alleged cause. The tumor was very close to my cerebellum. The doc told me that I've two options. One do nothing and once the tumor got into my cerebellum, I would have some serious issues to deal with, or I could have it removed, which is the option I chose.I was told before I had surgery that I would loose my hearing in that ear. Ok, but wasn't aware of how it would have affected my tinnitus,cause I didn't know I had it. After surgery and in my room the Doc's came in and asked how I felt which I told them considering I had this surgery, not bad. They then asked me of all things how is my hearing. I was somewhat taken back when I said I had no hearing in that ear. They were dismayed as they said the tumor wasn't anywhere near the auditory nerve and I should have hearing.....When I was released to go home there were some nites that the ringing (similar to what is given in hearing tests) got so loud I thought I was gonna go nuts, considered goin to the emergency room for something to help me sleep. I managed to tolerate it and for the past twenty years was able to co-habitate with the tinnitus. I turned 65 this past Nov and it just took a turn for the worse, especially at nite when I try to sleep. I get very anxious and would love to be able to run away from it but can't. Since I felt that my hearing according to the doctors should be intact, I felt via Suggestion that the reason I can't hear in that ear is because of the comment. I went to a Psychologist who had a masters in hypnotherapy to see if she could 'unsuggest' my hearing issue but said it had been too long. So now I sleep with a fan and a tv going, and the tinnitus volume decreases to a lower volume, but after several hours, well before I'm ready to awake, the volume increases to where I have to get up and watch tv to help with my anxiety. I'm at wits end and contemplated buying the Miracle Cure until I read the reviews and saw this link. If anyone has any methods of dealing with a loud tinnitus in a 'deaf' ear I'm eager to hear comparisons or help.
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      I'm not deaf so I wouldn't claim any knowledge or experience with issues relating to deafness; however, I do have T and I would imagine you would need to habituate just like anyone with T to the point where you no longer have a negative emotional reaction to it (or any emotional reaction to it). It sounds like you already have a lot of experience and are able to mask it somewhat.

      What do you suppose caused it to worsen?

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      Who Knows
      Bleve, your story is very interesting. I would agree that just maybe, perhaps the power of suggestion is the root of the T.
      Have you tried a masker in the other ear. Most places give you a 30 day trial period, might be worth a try. Did the psychologist at least give it a try....

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