Tinnitus Is Driving Me Mad

Discussion in 'Support' started by bones, Jul 23, 2015.

    1. bones

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      Will I die from this extremely loud Tinnitus both ears, cause all this stress, lack of sleep, lack of food just don't care. I'm only young. What now
    2. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      I feel for you, I was in your place...Only thing I can recommend for super bad tinnitus is trobalt sadly. You could try other drugs.

      Here's a list.

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    3. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I have bad T too, no actually I have horrendous T along with H.

      All I can say is to take it one day at a time. Beat it one day at a time and try and be easy on yourself even if others don't understand and expect more of you. Fuck everyone, live for yourself, that's it.

      I suggest long walks, go with someone, anyone that you can shoot the shit with, if not go by yourself. 3 hours every day along with some hard cardio if you can. Go even if you don't want to. I play tennis almost every day, my ears bother me the entire time but I keep my mind focused on the game. Yup I'm exhausted but I have to do it, If i didn't do some activities like this I would be dead for sure. Sitting around all day with T is a no no, don't do it, it's damn near impossible to sit with this shit if it is bad.

      Sleeping, well that's your anxiety. I have a alarm going off in my head, it's so loud that it blows my mind, I sleep ok. I wake up a lot and am shocked and scared at the volume at times but I know that I can fall asleep and get relief, try and keep that in mind. Being tired is good with T, it means it is time to crash out and get a break. The only time I get a break is when I sleep, we need a break.

      This is all basic advise you have heard a thousand times but you have to do it. You can't sit around with this shit attacking you.

      And again, no future thoughts for now. If I do this I loose it. I will save my future thinking for sometime in the future. For now, if you can, one day at a time, that's it.

      I'm not blowing smoke up your ass here either, if you want, read my posts here over the last year, I'm in the same spot as you. You are not alone.

      Take care.
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    4. Gosia

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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      @Tellis, if you find strenght to give advice to others , I hope you're getting closer to habituation :) And that's sooo good you can sleep fine despite all this . The key is for sure to try to keep ourselves busy and this cannot be done if in addition to suffering we are physically exhauasted due to lack of sleep, so sleeping well is a very positive aspect already. For now it's warm so I'm trying to be out every day at least for a few hours, but in winter it may be difficult . However, I hope all will be better by winter. For all of us.
      @bones, can you write a bit more about yourself ? T from 2009..has it gotten worse lately ?
    5. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      Thx. Well I have always tried to help others despite my suffering. I don't think I will habituate, I will just have to work with it the best that I can, I try and show others that you can live and survive, you have to face the shit and make serious adjustments if you can't habituate. If you can't habituate, it's not the end of you, you can still have good moments. They may be short lived but you can draw from them.
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    6. Evian

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      I don't think you will die from tinnitus although it is a truly terrible noise, well mine is. But you need to follow the advice in the post that Telis has put up, he has the same loud intrusive things we do.

      I am still on my journey but find the things he posts makes sense. All I do is listen to mine and read tinnitus boards and I can tell you that is not a successful road. Although I do find success stories from those that have habituated to very loud T and H helpful, even though I also don't think I will habituate I think there must be a way forward

      If you read boards try and stick to the success stories and the coping strategies. It must be very hard this coming to you at such a young age, but on the plus side as you are young you may heal a little along the way, mentally if not physically which may help you to cope
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