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Discussion in 'Support' started by ayman, Jan 25, 2016.

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      Hello. I have had tinitus for 25 days now. It seems to keep changing. sometimes its loud and about once a day for 10 minutes it completely goes away. I think it goes away when I come home from being in a loud environment or if I have just taken a shower. why is this? and does this mean it is likely to go away?
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      A warm welcome to the forum ayman.
      Tinnitus can come and go and change sound and early days for you and has every chance of going.
      When you don't hear the sound it could be that you have not noticed it and in time the distance will get longer when don't hear it.

      Do you have any idea what might of caused your tinnitus ?...lots of love glynis
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      @ayman ...I like your avatar. I use to be able to do that on a bar stool after four martinis. But only when someone offered to buy me a drink if I did it....:D
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      thanks for the quick replies and compliments lol. I got my tinitus on new years eve after getting over a really bad illnes then going to a night club. so it could either be the loud sounds or the illness. I am not sure. But as I only have it in one ear I am hopping it was the illness as that is more likely to go. But the sound is not there even if I look for it in a quiet room for 10 minutes. anyway if it stay or if it goes I am ready to deal with it :)
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