Tinnitus Is Making Me Crazy

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smeyeln, Mar 31, 2016.

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      I have a mild chiari but don't know if this is cause
      So I've been dealing with this for almost a year now. Intensity does vary, but never goes away. At best it's some machine in a distance. I think of it as someone vacuuming in my brain. At its worst is a high pitch tea pot kettle that is really hard to drown out, so I'll turn the tv on as loud as I can.
      I worked at the same place for three years with no problems and then it was bought out and problems started a few months after, but with other crazy symptoms. Then went to this insanity. I had to take a medical leave it was so bad, and that's just as depressing as it can get. So I tried to go back to work just to try it out and i didn't last an hour. It wasn't just ear piercing ringing but also pressure as if I stayed any longer something was going to explode and it's been three days since I tried to go back and still feel messed up. I literally feel like someone has messed with my brain. My eyes feel different like puffy.. Now they've(the new owners) have done upgrading on the WiFi and changed all computers and it is next to a LEAD wall since I work in X-ray my desk is up against the lead wall and the wall on the other side where i can stretch my arms to must be maybe three feet away. Now I'm sure for people with T as I've seen written, I'm assuming that's how they refer to Tinnitus here experience in rooms especially with no other noise for me anyhow feels like the ear ringing is bouncing off the walls. I can't imagine living like this,I have t tried to deal with this the best I know how,but this is just ridiculous at the same time my ears have also become sensitive to unexpected loud noises. How can anyone live like this.
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      March 10, 2016
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      I'm about 3 weeks in with 24/7 T and I understand. Although I am not near a year as you are, it is still an uneasy thing to deal with. This forum is great for information and just to not feel alone in this. It was suggested to me to dive into the success stories portion of this forum to read about what others have done to either habituate or lessen T or eliminate T altogether.

      The one thing that has kept my sanity is purpose. I have found that by trying as many things for relief and being creative in alternative treatments, its given me hope and purpose, therefore my T doesn't seem as bad- its weird. Helping other T sufferers also seems to provide relief as well.

      Please feel free to browse all this forum has to offer. There are amazing people on here all working to help one another out and offering support. Its all about acceptance, hope and the transformation to habituation.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum smeyeln. It is the exact feeling I had when a few years ago my ultra high pitch T and severe hyperacusis hit. The first years was a terrible time with unbearable symptoms and sensations. I had the same feeling how can anyone live like this. I thought my good life, not even normal life would be forever gone. But never say never. Today, I am living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life even with my T still ringing. I never thought it possible. Time plus some effective, positive strategies have done wonder to turn me around. I wrote my success stories like other did, and mentioned the points and strategies which have helped me. If you have the time, check it out.


      If you have not tried some supplements, you may want to try NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3 etc., and you may want to reduce intake of salt , sugar, caffeine, alcohol, MSG etc. Also, you may want to try masking to help. I used to have an ipad loaded with nature sounds so I can mask it even at work or on the go. Take care & God bless.
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      Ear Infection
      Being positive is the foremost important thing, I've had tinnitus and vertigo when I was going through a depression, because of other problems I did not worry too much though it was something I had problem with for well over a year, but as soon as I started to work again that brought certain happiness, my tinnitus slowly started to reduce, I do sometimes feel it particularly in winter season, I also started working out at a gym with weights and cardio alternate days, and started taking some vitamin tablet such as Vitamin D and Whey protein and for my good thing Vertigo has also cured since the last 5 months, You have to be strong and beat this psychological problem, that is the only way. make yourself busy the whole day.
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      I have a mild chiari but don't know if this is cause
      I have been taking Magnesium everyday for about 6 months now and I do believe having a positive outlook does make a difference. I've tried to tell myself this is a new normal for me. Thank you to those who have replied, I do hope I'll come to some sense of normalcy. It is just so hard, but I haven't given up hope yet. Sometimes I can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Trying to stay positive. I just can't believe all the other weird symptoms I have.
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      Unexplained destruction of left auditory/vestibular nerve
      Hi Smeyeln,

      I liked your last comment about focusing on the ridiculousness of this affliction, I do the same. I, too, try to define this as the 'new normal' as a way of making it ok, as well as constantly reminding myself of how many worse things could happen. Of all the things that could go wrong, I never even knew T existed until it became part of my life. It will be nearly 3 years for me this summer. I experienced sudden (complete) hearing loss in one ear accompanied by tinnitus with no explanation just one week before starting a new job and it has made everything more difficult; hearing people in meetings over the ringing, concentrating, etc. I have managed to not take a leave from work or go on disability but I have thought about it many times, I'm sorry that became necessary for you.

      To comment on what you mentioned about feeling like more was affected, particularly your brain and eyes... The only thing I can add from my personal experience is that, in my case, the damage that caused the instant deafness and subsequent tinnitus (believed to be nerve damage from a virus or other unexplained inflammation) had other affects as well. One was damage to the vestibular (balance) system which is integrally tied into the vision system. I had, and retain some degree of dizziness since this happened and am very aware that the reflex and focus in my left eye has changed. It is nothing limiting but it is a noticed change. Just as an interesting fact, I discovered that they actually test the reflex of your eyes to various stimulus to determine if there has been vestibular damage. They used various eye movement tracking tests to tell me that 75% of my balance function was destroyed on one side. The other is what I have seen termed "aural fullness", which is a full feeling in the head (for lack of a more profound description). When trying to describe it I liken it to someone stuffing a rag through my ear and into my head. I have no idea if either describe what you are experiencing but I thought I'd mention them.

      My strategies have been the same as many of the other posters here: Very limited diet, eliminating/reducing sources of salt, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol; Listening to masking tracks or classical music in the good ear, and reading posts on this board to help feel less isolated. Probably the worst part is when things change, like the addition of new frequencies to the T, increasing volume, etc. I try to look at that as an indication that it *can* change, perhaps one day in a positive way.

      I would be interested in hearing about your results from taking the supplements, I have most of the ones discussed on the board in my cabinet but haven't found any that have made a difference.

      Looking forward to your updates and sharing any of my own,

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