Tinnitus Lower After About Two Months: Sound Distortions More Noticable — Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by StayCalm, Oct 17, 2020.

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      I'm somewhere around week 8 out from a sudden hearing loss in my low frequencies in my left ear. I've noticed my tinnitus is a lot lower in the last week or so, down to a kind of low static hiss, and much better than the angry-teakettle-from-hell screech early in the process. I have brief interludes of not being able to hear it at all even in quiet rooms, balanced by some spikes where the teakettle made it's magnificent return - I'm calling it progress anyways.

      However, distorted sounds/dysacusis/whatever you call it seem to be more noticeable in same time frame - almost every sound has an overlay to it, ranging from a sort of crashing wave for ordinary volume conversations to a tinny whistle over music and a clack-clack over traffic. My ENT shrugged and said "it's hyperacusis, it's not not surprising, and it tends to either go away or people stop noticing it by the next time I see them."

      On par, things feel (very) marginally on the right track, but has anyone else had a similar experience?
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      I couldn't tell you, going through a similar situation.

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