Tinnitus or Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Eric Self, Oct 20, 2015.

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      I first noticed my T about 3 years ago, it was a very high pitch frequency and in about 2-3 months it had trailed off and I NEVER noticed it.

      Then 2 1/2 weeks ago I went traveling on fall break to Lookout Mountain/Rock City TN and then came home and played a wedding in a cold barn. Yes I have pretty significant allergy issues and used to take shots when I was younger so I'm sure the barn did not help matters.

      I noticed an marked increase of T in my right ear and it has fluctuated now between both BUT my right ear has the feeling of pressure and sometimes pain. I went to my GP and she cleaned the ear from all wax and then looked and said she saw some irritation and a slightly retracted ear drum. She prescribed an antihistamine/steroid nasal spray and told me to give it a week. Well that has been 1 week ago today and it still drives me crazy. I have had moments of relief but not marked improvement yet. It also seems it gets worse at night than the day. I have noticed that if I place my finger or ear bud in my ear I can hear the drum move as I pull it out (which is not true of my left ear). I also have ear popping/cracking when swallowing and or blowing my nose. This is driving me crazy, just looking for answers...

      Please HELP!!!!

      I do meet with an ENT tomorrow, I will post findings from that visit as well!!

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      I have ETD and apart from the wax and ear drum issue, have all the same symptoms as you, and it is so annoying. I have had chronic allergies forever that I essentially had not been treating ( had shots 25 years ago) and about 2 months ago started with all theses symptoms and at that time also had fluid in both ears. The fluid cleared but I have chronic allergic rhinitis and sinus issues and my tubes are blocked. This is the same time that my T first appeared. But I had also attended a very loud outdoor concert a few days before and although there was no detectable hearing loss via hearing test, ENT not sure which is the root cause. I also have some TMJ issues due to a bad habit of grinding my Invisalign braces and ENT told me that TMJ can also cause feelings of fullness in the ears and T. Anyway, I have also been on an inhaled steroid and an antihistamine daily for a month. No relief. ENT did say the steroid could take up to a 3 months to notice a real difference but so far, I have not had any improvement. I also do not do well on decongestants. They make me a little nuts so I tend to stay away from them. Unless I am desperate. It is also gets worse as the day progresses. The feeling of fullness is the worst in my opinion. So uncomfortable. The ear that I feel the fullness in the most (left), is the one that pops the least. My right ear pops all the time and opens easier and the fullness is much less. So weird. It is also worse sometimes when I lay down. Chewing gum helps open the ears but contributes to my TMJ so it is a double edged sword. And when I stop the gum my ears block again misery. I am sorry that I do not have better news to share except we both may have to give the meds more time to work.

      If you find something that works, please let me know.


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