Tinnitus or TMJ? Related or Meds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ronnie, Jul 28, 2016.

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      My uncle is 72 - PCa ( Prostate cancer ) currently on Xtandi, been over 2-3 months but suddenly he feels clicks in his left ear when he wakes up in the morning ( he takes Xtandi at night ), it goes away for rest of the day. On rare occasion, it has hapened more but usualy in the left ear in the morning. We spoke to our doc and they said they dont think it is a side effect but wont stop dosage becasue of it
      He works full time as well, no other side effects

      PSA: 71
      Xtandi ( 160 mg daily ) - No Ear Clicking till >>>
      Ramipril ( Blood Pressure ) - Ear Clicking after this was introduced after Xtandi
      Just started Xgeva ( Denosumab ) but the clicks were before that

      I am confused if this is old age since, he is "little" hard of hearing or side effect or something else

      Anyone have any input

      So no ringing or buzzing
      Says clicks, fast clicks
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      There are no drs here unfortunately. TMJ doesn't just develop overnight. A dentist could check his jaw to see if it is TMJ. Doesn't sound like tinnitus either. Maybe he is just hearing his eustachian tubes opening louder. Sounds like he needs those meds and the clicking may be a side effect. I wouldn't even think about stopping a cancer med even if it caused real Tinnitus.
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      Myofascial crap Bruxism, a jackhammer, stress who knows
      He is having tonic tensor tympani spasms. it could be from TMJ or anxiety. He could be clenching his teeth at night, the jaw muscles connect right up to the tensor tympani. If he is clenching when he is a sleep , this could pull on thetensor tympani and when he wakes it get released and it does a spasm. if this is the case a TMJ bit guard could resolve the issue. if he has an underbit you might want the bit guard to realign the jaw to a proper closed position. This will take pressure of the middle ear muscles.

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