Tinnitus Relief with Nature and Himalayan Singing Bowls?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jamma Boom, Jun 22, 2015.

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      Since months now i have minor tinnitus . Before that , already, i had much interest for sonology and sound healing therapy research, when the high pich sounds appeared (approx 7000 HzNot caused by sound trauma. For now my researches lead me to food.) this naturally emphasised my focus on this topic. Anyway....
      I read much on forums about T, but never did write anything anywhere before, as i did not consider to have something more to add to all what was beeing said already. But today i have something to ask to the community. I need to know what you think about this piece of sound i created.
      These are recordings of one session i made on the beach during International Yoga Day .
      Better than just white noise in my opinion.
      But i'd want to know if this recording can help you as well to mask your tinnitus, to get a relief (or not)
      The best qualty sound system you have ( not loud : qualty) , better this sould work.

      Here is the link :

      Please be honnest , and do not hesit to tell what specific moment is maybe best working for you, why , .....
      As well, the more opinions i'll have, the best it would be for me to make the most objective idea .
      Thanks already, and much support to everyone here
      Soundfully ,

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