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      I have had T since Apr. 1971 while active duty in the Air Force. The only thing that has helped my T is Trans Derm Scopalomine patches. They reduce the volume and intensity of my T. I had 6 glorious months of silence. I have taken lots of antibiotics and the T is back but the patch really quiets it down a lot.
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      Hi @Guest48293 ! Welcome to TT.

      Has your tinnitus remained pretty much the same over the past 40 years? It's always a little reassuring to me to talk to people who have had this for a long time and not had it just get worse and worse and worse :)
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      wow ,hello Guest48293 thought I was long youve beat me im 29 years in,

      First 6 weeks thought id go mad ,adapted and habituated till 5 years ago when something odd happened to my ears ear infection maybe ,its now allmost unbearable with bad ear pressure.

      habituation is all about volume ,I will never hab. this time its a constant battle
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      Noise exposition
      I agreed with you. The volume you have /listen is the key. A high level volume it's really hard to cope.
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      Allergies or Acoustic Trauma, Stress
      How did you came about to trying this? It is not even for T. Did someone suggested you try it? Do you have to use them all the time? I am glad it helps you! :)
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      An ENT Dr. prescribed the patch for me to deal with vertigo/nausea. Within an hour after putting on the patch I was like OMG! the T is getting softer! I don't wear them unless the T gets really loud. I still have T but for 6 glorious months I had total silence from it while using the patch.

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