Tinnitus Since 2 Weeks

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    1. Ray2112

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      2 Weeks
      Hello All,

      Well, let's start with my story... two weeks ago was sitting in front of my computer, had just used qtip to clean my ears, after 45min-1hr my right ear started beeping, very loudly, went to sleep and the noise got less, within two weeks I could say the noise went down by 50%, now it's in the left ear, when I wake up in the morning it's very quiet, but during the day it goes up.

      Yesterday, went home and tried to sleep and realized that my right ear also started beeping a bit louder than usual, so I panicked and got anxious. Took amitriptyline, 10mg but just made me more anxious, normally I could sleep well for the last 10 days without sound or sleeping tabs. Anyways, so couldn't sleep all night, had a ENT appointment in the morning, checked tubes (a bit clogged), drums etc were all fine. Going for an MRI scan soon, but doc said it's rare they find something there. Once all done he will refer me to therapy, which will be within 1-2 weeks I believe.

      Now, looking at the internet I find many stories, some success, where it did go within 2-3 months and some where it never went and you had to live with it, at the moment I can't imagine how I will live with this my whole life and it makes me quite sad (I'm just 29).

      ENT mentioned, it will settle, just don't stress out much, another German ENT specialist I know also mentioned the same, just don't stress, but somehow it's a bit difficult not to stress out with this.

      I'm now trying to write this up to get a bit unstressed, so I could sleep tonight in a bit more peace without taking sleeping tabs & being anxious. I live alone at the moment, which is more distressing, but will go to my parents place tonight, just to feel a bit comfortable.

      I keep thinking of accepting this as it is and trying not to concentrate on it, but sometimes you have moments, where you think "really, WTF?" Currently at work and writing this up, as I can't concentrate much on other things.

      I still have hope that mine will fade away, once I sleep & eat well. Probably a Viral infection, which will settle as I have read stories where it did go away after 6-8 weeks, so not all tinnitus is permanent.

      Well, thanks for reading and any comments are most welcome!
    2. Ray2112

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      Tinnitus Since:
      2 Weeks
      no one interested?

      seems nobody believes that it will eventually go away? lol
    3. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
    4. Ray2112

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      Tinnitus Since:
      2 Weeks
      So how is your T going? been nearly a year isn't it?
    5. Viking
      No Mood

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      Tinnitus is not always permanent. Try to be the first care. Yourself. Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant powerful. Sometimes it is helpful in tinnitus but other times not. The opinions and studies are conflicting. If I were you, whereas, as you said you were cleaning the ears, I would limit myself to a couple of aeresol with cortisone. It will go away on its own. Emotional states tensive can definitely amplify the symptom. Try to stay calm.
      You win.
    6. Ray2112

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      Tinnitus Since:
      2 Weeks
      Thanks a lot!

      Had a very good night sleep.... felling refreshed and the T is very low today... going into the right direction. Fingers crossed!
    7. Ray2112

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      Tinnitus Since:
      2 Weeks
      Hello again,

      just went for lunch with a colleague and I was outside, and felt it's getting worse. Then we went into a restaurant, I think I started feeling a little bit anxious, then my right ear tinnitus spiked, high tone, but then I taught myself calm down, calm down, went to the loo and after around 15-20min it stopped. However, now I have a cold feeling in my right ear and my left one is as usual.

      During the day it goes up and down, in the morning it's very quite, I can't even hear anything when I wake up or the next hour, then after arriving at work the left one starts, then after a while it gets louder to a certain extend. The right one is one/off sudden massive spikes then calms down completely.

      This is really unpredictable... anyone knows what is happening or is that normal? maybe my tinnitus is sound reactive? the louder it get the louder the tone is?


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