Tinnitus Since 2014 from Mold Mycotoxin Sickness

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      mold and mold mycotoxin sickness due to exposure for 4 years
      Hello all, one of the symptoms of toxic indoor mold sickness is Tinnitus. Back in January 2014 sudden incredible muti-pitched ringing in my ears along with aural shifts and impaired hearing not to mention a list of other common symptoms of mold sickness led me to have my house and my body tested for mold. House tested positive for high levels of toxic black mold, aspergillus, and Penicillium spores. Black mold was the highest count. A urine test done by a specialized lab in Georgia detected high levels of trichothecene (mycotoxin produced by black mold fungus). Having this in your body will wreak havoc on every level causing sickness across the blood brain barrier to organs, glands and immune system.

      Make a long story short, after my results were in, I studied deep on the internet and learned a Phd's worth on mold sickness symptoms and recovery and moved out by May 2014 with my cats, musical instruments and just a few personal belongings that would be sanitized. Currently living in a very clean healthy apartment 4 years away from mold. On the road to recovery and due to healthy protocols and lifestyle changes, in most areas I'm healthier now in my middle age than I was in my teens, but the lingering Tinnitus makes me still feel "sick". I also still have a form of hyperacusis to bright metallic high pitches as in cutlery being rattled in a drawer. Since recovery my hyperacusis has reduced much but not gone away completely.

      I'm a professional musician and my hearing is my top priority I've always been careful to protect my ears (well most of the time) and when spending long hours in a recording studio I listen at very low levels to prevent ear fatigue.

      I have above average hearing so no significant hearing loss to report, it's just this Tinnitus that I am trying to do away with. I use homeopathy, Traditional Chines medicine and acupuncture, supplements, diet and healthy lifestyle to help reduce my Tinnitus.

      I have yet to figure out what I'm doing right that triggers a lessening and visa versa, what triggers a flair up. I am however barking up the acid reflux in the ears hypothesis that could be the cause of my recent T flair ups.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. There are many causes, single or combined, which can trigger or aggravate tinnitus including but not limited to drug side-effects from ototoxic drugs, ear wax build-up, ear-wax removal suction, inner ear infection, Eustachian tube disorder or ETD, ear drum injury, fluid build-up in ears feeling pressured or fullness, sinus infection & congestion especially with a bad cold, TMJ, TTTS, autoimmune disorders such as Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure or blood circulation problem, anemia, loud noise exposure or acoustic trauma/shock, head injury or TBI, neck injury or muscle problems, hearing loss from aging or other causes, Meniere's Decease, barotrauma from rapid pressure changes in flights or diving, especially with congested nose or sinus causing failure to balance the pressure changes, slapping of the ears, deep grief, untreated sleep apnea, extreme/extended stress, anxiety & panic disorder, depression, sleep deprivation, etc. T can also be caused or made worse by unhealthy diet such as too much salt, sugar, caffeine, MSG, alcohol etc. or by lacking some mineral or vitamin supplements.

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