Tinnitus Since Age 15 (I'm Now 31) from Sinus Infection with Flare Ups Every Now and Then

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Severe sinus infection / allergies
      Since I got it so young, when I don't have flare ups, I'm used to it and don't even notice it. I'm a musician so hearing is a huge part of my life. Most people, even my mom, either don't know I have it or don't remember I've told them since I don't mention it a lot.

      I've had tinnitus due that was triggered by a severe sinus infection at 15. It's much worse in my left ear. And it flares up due to allergies and stress. I don't really get any nasal drip just middle ear fluid build up. I also have minor hearing loss due to the tinnitus, especially in the low ranges.

      In both ears, I hear a high pitched tone and in the left-ear right now a louder slightly-lower pitched ringing.

      I'm having a flare up due to stress + allergies. And there are moments of popping and crackling where it gets worse and then better. It's honestly never been as bad as it is now in the left ear (right ear is baseline) and there have been times in the last few months where I've had extreme hearing loss/muffled hearing in the left ear and ear fullness.

      I do this ear exercises to try to drain the middle ear, which I assume is building fluid and that's why my hearing is muffled, and that helps sometimes.

      I will add - I do sleep with a sound machine and that has helped. I also realize that if I get more sleep and drink more water, my tinnitus is better.
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