Tinnitus Sound That Is Connected to Your Body. Anyone Else Got This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JonDAH, Jul 6, 2014.

    1. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      I recently developed tinnitus less than 3 weeks ago, so far it is SLOWLY improving, I can tell by the intensity of it whenever I wake up from sleeping. I hope it will disappear altogether.

      At the moment I can kinda hear it as a faint "cricket" sound in my head/left ear and I also notice that when I try to relax or sleep parts of my lower body start to twitch/vibrate and this corresponds with Tinnitus activity...

      It's as if the tinnitus doesn't want my body to relax.

      Does anyone else experience this ???
    2. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member


      Last night I manage to fall asleep and the last thing I remember was fluctuations of silence and a slight buzz in my left ear...I woke up hours later with the tinnitus but it is now becoming less of a noise and more of a sensation.

      My body is not 100% relaxed so I believe I need to achieve this in order to rid of my tinnitus for good.

      I've started drinking Camomile tea to relax more.
    3. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Please someone reply to my thread...I hope I havn't got Multiple Sclerosis.
    4. Marlene

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      Bacterial virus
      Hi Jon there is someone on site who mentioned cricket sound,check back threads,maybe they're see your post and reply.hope so .dont worry. Most feel panic,until someone answers specific questions your be okay .
    5. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Am glad someone replied, my tinnitus is definetly linked to a "vibrating" sensation in my thighs.

      What's happening to me ???
    6. Mark Griffin

      Mark Griffin Member

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      It more than likely that you're getting highly anxious over it and are becoming more in tune with every sensation in your body. You mind will create links that are not there and your anxiety will amplify the feeling. Try to relax, if you are really concerned then gt to your GP and tell them your fears and concerns. Calmness is the key.
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    7. ampumpkin

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      I don't experience what you're talking about but I bet this is all related to your state of mind. Anxiety does have tangible effects on our body, it can create pain that does not exist and make you go crazy.

      Magnesium could help if you have spasms...

      hugs xx
    8. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Thanks, see I was a keen jogger but stopped ages ago for personal reasons even though I hadn't quite reached my target weight. I had been jogging for a long time to better my self-image.

      The T started about 3 weeks ago and has reduced in intensity, I do feel as though a good jog would help hence the vibrating thighs.

      I wonder if this is my body's way of motivating me via tinnitus signal...
    9. Ifeel4U

      Ifeel4U Member

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      How is your T doing right now. I have had it for 2 weeks almost and the last couple of days it seems like its worse... any update on your status?
    10. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member


      I woke up this morning with NO tinnitus.

      (apart from a little residual activity here and there)

      Before sleeping I took a Mirtazapine pill, this was my second.

      And I think that Camomile tea may have helped too

      or the Tinnitus just ran it's course.

      However the vibrating legs came on again later on as I was trying to nap and a slight tinnitus sound reappeared, I wouldn't actually describe as tinnitus but more like my nervous system flaring up slightly.

      This corresponded with my vibrating legs.

      Who's ever heard of RLS ?? (Restless Leg Syndrome)

      This was a side-effect of my previous tinnitus spike.
    11. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      I phoned NHS 24 regarding this and they reckon I've got a pitched nerve that will get better in time, it seems to aggravate the tinittus signal but at least it's not as bad as before.

      This sound comes from my head rather than my left ear.

      I reckon it's a combination of a pitched nerve and hypertension.

      Am off for a jog now :)
    12. Mr. Cartman

      Mr. Cartman Member Benefactor

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      Yes, thats very familiar.. I too believe that its a pinched nerve or tensed muscles.
      Also @chronicburn and @Sjtof experiences those twitches..

      We have also posted a lof of our experiences in this thread:

    13. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      My T is somehow connected to this tingling sensation I am getting in my pelvis, I think it may be "buttock paresthesia".

      My T had been slowly improving overtime, in fact, when I woke up on 08/07/2014 it was completely gone and so was the tingling sensation.

      Now they have both returned but it no longer feels like a sensation in my left ear, but in my head.

      I think when the tingling stops the T will stop also, what should I do ??
    14. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member


      Am pretty sure my T is gone but it has left me with this "buttock paresthesia" and all I can hear is the blood whooshing from that area to my head, it's not tinnitus per se.

      It might be a pinched nerve of my sciatic nerve.
    15. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      I still have vibrating buttocks....what the hell is going on !! lol

      (btw am not trolling)
    16. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      I've got a doctor's appointment on Friday, am hoping they give me some kind of anti-convulsant.

      I woke up a few times this morning, 1st time there was NO t sound, then nodded off, then when I woke up again I felt a t "sensation", not a noise.

      At the moment I feel the vibrations have slightly improved but are causing me anxiety and maybe causing my left ear to flare up slightly, it is not as hyper as before and it is nearly a month since this T started so am hoping this is a good sign of recovery.
    17. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      All I hear now is a slight "whooshing" sound in my head that is linked to the vibrations, I want it to stop so I can relax, argh !!!
    18. LadyDi

      LadyDi Member Benefactor

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      Hi Jon, would love to help, but this is beyond my experience.

      FYI: the "cricket" sound is common in tinnitus. Garrison Keillor, the well known US radio show host of "Prairie Home Companion" has it. The whooshing sound also is common. Maybe pulsatile T? There are separate forums here for that.

      Anyway sounds like this could be related to a larger neurological issue. Hopefully others who know more will chime in.
    19. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      UPDATE: Woke up this morning with no T sound, now hours later after being exposed to the traffic, church bell and running the bath I only now have a very faint fluctuating buzz in my left ear, dunno if that's just natural tinntus...

      Vibrations have calmed down significantly also.
    20. Mr. Cartman

      Mr. Cartman Member Benefactor

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      Please keep me updated if you are able to figure something out :)
    21. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Woke up again with no T sound, last night I was able to tolerate it before sleeping, it wasn't as irritating as before so I think it may be disappearing. I've only been able to sleep with the help of Remeron.

      The T sound seems to catch up with me during the day but am starting to wonder if it can even be categorised as "Tinnitus"...is it just my nervous system acting up in the one ear ??

      Anyway my appointment to see an audiologist came this morning so ah'll get some answers from them.
    22. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member


      Tinnitus is now on my left side (not in my ear) as a "sensation" and sounds fuzzy which is quite tolerable but now my left side feels a bit achy and tender, this only came on yesterday.

      Hearing is still the same.

      Vibrations have decreased significantly.

      Anyone know what this may be ???

      Could I be healing ???
    23. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Tender and achy face is gone.

      Started jogging this week for the first time in a while.

      I was prepared for my T to flare up and it did but it settled after I finished my routine.

      Jogged again tonight and it flared up but it wasn't as "aggressive"...it went from an annoying buzz on the left side of my head last time to a less annoying beeeeep sound.

      Am gonna keep at this cause I've been meaning to lose some flab anyway.
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    24. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Woke up this morning with a slight T sound, fell asleep again and then woke up to SILENCE.

      I had silence for a good while then the T started again once I had put the kettle on but it was only noticeable, not unbearably loud. I just want to get accustomed to normal sounds again.

      My case is probably an anxiety case cause I have been on a journey lately to better my self-image and confidence, I had a good jog last night and I think that may have contributed to the silence I heard this morning so am going to keep at this until I reach my goal.

      Also, over the past month I have been listening to this which I think may have helped -
      Acoustic Neuromodulation - Musical
    25. Mr. Cartman

      Mr. Cartman Member Benefactor

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      Hi, thanks for keeping us updated and thanks for the video! :)

      Im sure T can be anxiety related as well..

      I hope you are doing alright! :)
    26. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Thanks, I think ah'll be ok in time.

      Am just listening to the Acoustic Neuromodulator with my iPod through my left ear.

      I've read anxiety can make the condition worse so am just gonna get into shape again cause I've been meaning to for a while and it is the root of my anxiety anyway. I wonder if the T sound is my body's way of motivating me...
    27. Mr. Cartman

      Mr. Cartman Member Benefactor

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      Hehe, who knows! :) Kind of an optimistic way to look at it though :)
    28. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      I hope that is the case for me.
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    29. DaRkSon
      In pain

      DaRkSon Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      YES, I do. It is a neurological disorder that my doctor has labeled(Idiopathic neuropathy). Which generally means any idiot doctor cannot tell you exactly what it is.
      All life at a certain point becomes degenerative. Some it is more excessive than others. Generally the diseases parkinsons, MS, GBS, etc fall into early degenerative diseases. And in these diseases there are many different levels and symptoms.
      Gennerally what I experience is a nerve degeneration from an illness I had many years age where the mylein sheath(Nerve protectant) was destroyed by my immune system.
      Can I feel the vibrations in my legs? Yes, but I also feel it throughout my entire body. Its like walking around holding a high voltage wire. Some medications have helped. Others have increased the sensations.
      My wife best it explained it to me. Its a reverberation of sorts. As my nerves are vibrating they send signals to my brain, which causes anxiety(sometimes worse than others). It also is the sound that I am hearing 24/7. Being effected by the anxiety sends signals to the nervous system which inturn starts the process all over.
      Zoloft has been helping with the Anxiety,
      I am now taking levorphanol for the nerve pain.
      Just wanted to give you some info...
      It could be just a pinched nerve in your case, maybe.
      The only thing you can do is to take care of yourself thru a good diet, exercise, and staying away from stimulants such as coffee, smoking, etc.....
    30. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Thanks :)

      My condition has improved and the vibrations only started when the Tinnitus was at it's peak.

      The vibrations were internal, you couldn't see them, it wasn't like a tremor or twitching.

      It's likely that my anxiety reached extremely high levels and became too aware of the sensations, am now in a better place mentally and the vibrations have lessened including my T.

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