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Discussion in 'Support' started by Raine, Oct 27, 2013.

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      Hi there fellow special people,

      I say this because it is what you all are. My darling wife suffers from this dreadful T and i honestly think that she is amazing in the way that she functions daily. I personally would not have been able to cope with it and i commend all of you for carrying on with life and just generally getting it done.

      We are in the Western Cape in South Africa and i am wondering whether there are any T sufferers here with whom i can exchange ideas with regards to relief and possible treatment? I have read right through the tinnitus talk website and its great to brainstorm, i have just noticed that most of the medical specialists on Tinnitus are in Europe and am wondering whether there are any here?

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    2. gary

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      Who Knows
      Hi Raine, I googled: ENT Western Cape in South Africa, many came up like this one, it might be a place to start:

    3. Russell Smith
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      noise induced hearing loss
      Hi Raine

      I`ve had it a few years now and yes its not pleasant. Also stay in SA and hope we aren't getting left out of the latest possible treatment. I have just found same info Gary posted and have an ear institute close by claiming treatment that may work . What has your wife tried or have you contacted the ear institute about this new medication.
      I would be happy if the symptoms were just reduced .

      I had become habituised to mine for about the last 3 years or so but after stupidly going out to a club which I haven't done in years and I used ear plugs I'm back to where I was a few years ago. Silly silly .
      I stay in Durban so if you have tried anything locally that has helped I would appreciate if you let me know.
      as I mentioned I'm not sure if in SA many of the treatments mentioned on this site apply to us .

      I wish your wife well
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    4. Clint

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      Unknown but i believe stress. I also have Lyme disease.
      Hi Raine

      Thank you for your thoughtful post.

      This response is coming to you somewhere between 3 to 5 years later than i am sure you would have liked........and quite possibly altogether too late because of that. Nevertheless, i have Tinnitus and live in Hermanus but travel through to Cape Town once or twice a month.

      Does your wife still have Tinnitus ? Is she coping any better now than when you posted a few years back or is it still just as bothersome for her ? I am asking because some say that there are people who " habituate" , while, at the other end of the spectrum i have heard that othersdo not ? I have only had this for just over a month.....maybe 6 weeks, so am still a novice at this.


    5. muzi

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      I am also from South Africa. KZN Ulundi I have struggled with this condition and I am finding it hard to reach habituation. Is it possible?

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