Tinnitus Spike Because of Stress or Noise, or Both? Someone Threw Garbage Down the Chute

Discussion in 'Support' started by PeteJ, Mar 20, 2019.

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      I have a question and I don't know who to ask - I can't ask anyone around me or doctors/audiologists that are here, locally.

      I am guessing some people will say it's anxiety or stress but please show proof/evidence or explain how noise wouldn't spike or start my tinnitus up, please?

      This is what happened: I was in my hallway of my apartment and someone on the floor was going to throw their trash down the apt garbage chute on our floor. She knows I have tinnitus but so many people either forget or it doesn't occur to them that I have this problem now. Anyway, I stupidly thought she'd be 'careful' but no, she didn't. I should have walked away from there and/or covered my ears but did neither. The noise was loud to me and I am not sure if I had some ear pain - it could have just been a coincidence. So, I guess maybe the stress is up from that? Anyway, I was talking to her earlier and maybe the chat distracted me from my tinnitus - but, it seemed to have gone really low or almost silent because I couldn't hear it until after the noise.

      So, will this noise be just a temporary setback or is it (we won't know?) something else? All I know is afterwards, the tinnitus was a low volume buzzing and then it escalated into a spike that alternated to the 'slow tinkering' and then back to a spike. I somehow slept and I don't know how. I often don't use my phone app if it's quiet enough because I think the tinnitus tries to 'compete' with the app noise - but, many people here say 'noises/sounds' don't 'do anything to your tinnitus.' Well, I wish that applied to me.

      I am also receiving some replies in which people say I have an anxiety issue and that changes our perception of tinnitus. Well, I should just hang myself or something then because I realize my anxiety is bad but I often just 'ignore' the tinnitus although it really bothers me. I just figure I can't do much about it and really hope it settles down. It sometimes does but I worry (like anyone else) about something making things worse or spiking it further.

      If stress and anxiety is a culprit in any way and all the drugs are ototoxic and we have tried stuff like CBT, relaxing, deep breathing and nothing really helps, then what should one do? I just want to know if such a noise would do anything - and if not, based on what? I guess that is not high enough in dB but then how is our overall hearing now that it 's damaged? The measurement by the hearing loss organizations doesn't still apply to us or does it?

      I just seem to be discouraged because every time, I think there is 'improvement', there is some setback that happens and it seems you can't avoid it. I think I could have avoided that setback by being on the defensive and I have to train myself to be but I think there will always be something that happens in which you are helpless towards it (like the fire alarm) and that discourages me. We're told here to be optimistic but much of it is 'you will habituate, too' - well, if I'm habituating to anything, I want it to improve to a 'sound' I think I can bear and not something that can spike from noise or stress or in anyway go 'haywire' - because that just isn't 'normal' and even if some people could habituate to something like that - people say 'everyone is different' and 'every t is different' - so, please, consider that I just want to minimize any effects and hope for improvement because that is all I have right now.
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      Noise induced

      Your post has many questions and this is not unusual when someone such yourself is new to tinnitus, having acquired it since 02/2019. If your tinnitus was caused by headphone use or another form or noise trauma, you need to be patient and give it time to improve. I advise you not to use headphones even at low volume. I also advise that you use "sound enrichment" especially at night and not sleep in a quiet room. Please click on the links below and read my posts, as I believe they'll answer some of your concerns: New to tinnitus what to do? Tinnitus, A Personal View and Hyperacusis as I see it. The other posts are important too so take your time and read them.

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