Tinnitus Spike in Right Ear After Showering — After Using a Hairdryer the Spike Goes Away

Discussion in 'Support' started by basma, Nov 6, 2019.

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      Hi all,

      Well I'm getting TMJ physio for what my ENT says is musculoskeletal tinnitus and so far it's been helpful and the ringing has somewhat died down a bit.

      Although I've noticed it's very loud and high pitched in my right ear as soon as I step out of the shower. After I use a hairdryer it goes away... Does anyone experience this?

      My physiotherapist thinks it could be because I'm lifting my arm and twisting my neck while in the shower that sets it off.
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      @basma, omg yes! I have this too!

      I've never had ringing in my ears, but after blindly agreeing to grommet surgery, I've been suffering with it for the past 2 months... after having a shower it is EXTREMELY high, same goes for the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or even listening to music (not with headphones ).

      How are you feeling these days though?

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