Tinnitus Started a Month Ago

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dianne, Dec 3, 2013.

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      Hi Everyone...My tinnitus became apparent about a month ago. I was going to sleep and I had a lot of mind chatter in my head. I figured that I shouldn't have drank a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I told myself to listen to the silence between my breaths, in order to clear my mind, and get into a calm meditative state. So, instead of hearing silence, I heard this high pitched mosquito sound! I handled it pretty well for the first couple weeks, but I took a long trip on an airplane and when I came back it was much worse. So, I've read a lot and tried to be proactive. I stopped drinking coffee altogether. It makes your nerves fire more and ups the tinnitus. I also stopped playing the piano for the time being. I enjoy composing piano music and learning the classics and this break from my piano is really hard. I'm taking some supplements: B-12, Vitamin C, calcium, borage oil and fish oil. I don't know if they help the tinnitus, but the rest of me is feeling better. I am doing some form of light aerobic activity every day and finish it up with stretches and light yoga. I have not had a break from this sound for a month now and my heart sometimes palpitates because of the stress of it. My doctor put me on steroids and they didn't help. Next step is an appointment with an audiologist. Yesterday morning I was able to sometimes put the sound in the background, but not today. I think it takes some time for the brain to "habituate" and form new neural pathways. I have met 4 other women who have this and they all said it was really hard in the beginning and then later you do not notice it. I am hoping that will be the case for me as well. When I have a hard time sleeping, I just tell myself, "You are capable of healing with God's help, you are capable of adapting." I say that over and over and it puts me into a pretty good sleep.
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      Welcome Dianne,
      Thanks for sharing. I was getting used to the sound over these last few weeks. Ignoring it really, but the last 2 days it seems a little more annoying. It's good to have a mantra or prayer to help put things into perspective when we struggle. Yours is a good one.:)
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      April 2016
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      Not sure, maybe dental and facial nerve
      Hi Dianne, Thanks for sharing your experience. My T started a month back and most probably due to nerve problem on my face. I am also dealing with lots of anxeity on day to day basis because of this issue. Not sure if I should hop on a anti anxeity med.....worried about the side effects. Your mantra is nice...and maybe only God can help us deal with this. Much Love, Mita
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      December 2015
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      Diane there is a possibility that one day your T will leave on its own. I tried every suppliment on this earth with no positive results. Every month that goes by you will get windows where you focus on other things and wont hear your T at all. It gets better with time believe me, for you may still hear it but wont be as annoying as it was in the begining. Many folks do better eliminating sugar, caffeine, and anything with msg. Exercise, yoga, tai chi and keeping nice soft music on keeps you relaxed and lowers T. I play nature sounds with birds chirping from utube when I sleep which helps with my sleep. If you get to bugged out you can get medications from your dr. to help with anxiety or depression and sleep aids. I am in my 11th month with high pitched T and have 90 % habituated. You will do fine. Last thing protect your ears from any loud sounds to not damage your ears and mmake T louder.

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