Tinnitus Sufferer, After Clubbing It Got Worse! Need Advice. Thanks.

Discussion in 'Support' started by cas junk, Apr 26, 2013.

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      Dear people
      I am a mild tinnitus sufferer due to a rifle exercise (M16 Gun) where my ear plugs fell off and that is how I developed tinnitus. So doctor diagnosed me with hyperacusis and tinnitus from my ENT scan and test result.
      I had been behaving myself for a year trying to prevent myself from furthering damaging my ears, my hearing was perfect, it is just the ringing in my ears which i had adapted quite easily given by my doctor advice.
      Since i had been resting my ears for a year, it was my birthday where my friends decided to throw me a birthday party (2days ago) at a club. I could not rejected since it was a thought from my friends, but after that night everything had changed, i was in there for like 5 hours, music were pretty loud, so i came out of the club after the place was closed and founded that my hearing seems to lowered down, i am not sure, it felt like my hearing have compressed (tightened a bit) I hear sounds lower. So its been 2 days, still no sign of improvement or recovery, i could still hear everybody speaking, but just the hearing seems compressed (tight) low sound, but i could still hear everyone,so i would like to get some advise would my hearing get back to before or i just permanently damaged my hearing? I hope it works just like a bad bruise and take weeks and months to recover? Thinking about it just worries me, that is why i am here seeking useful advices. I am prepared for the worst scenario if lets say i had damaged my hearing, i just want to hear from someone like you people with a huge ample of experience. This lesson taught me alot, i guess after this incident i will never step into a club again. it is a big no, since i am a music student (Rock Vocalist) pursuing my degree right now. For any musician, ears are very important, i am living in regret now, but i guess what is done cannot be undone. So hope to hear some advice from people here, I am not feeling calm right now, everyday having lots of negative thoughts, imagining things and on, that is why i wrote here. i am at my lost end, because i love music.
      Thanks you reading, hope to hear from you guys soon. Have a nice day.
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      Hey Casper
      Your ears will take a few days to recover from the pounding at the club, anyway, but what you're very likely to be suffering from right now is over-attention (?) to the ears. You're focusing so much attention on them, you're likely to be creating that sensation where you feel like they're thick or need to pop them. Try to relax, distract yourself for a few days (or even a few minutes here and there, whatever works) and you should be able to break that anxiety cycle.

      You do not need to stop doing the things you love doing either.

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      I hope for your sake they will recover (up to 3 months, we speak of acute tinnitus, after 3 months is chronic), but your story sounds a bit like mine: 35 years of very mild tinnitus, 1 time 6 hours of DJ-ing and bam!, thank you mam.
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      Sorry to hear that, get molded ear plugs, I haven't looked back since. I have them on even when I play a set for an hour. I will always bring them out to any club, loud system or not. I also limit my time inside by the music for about 20 - 30 minutes max at a time before breaking outside, or in a lounge area.

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