Tinnitus Temporary?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by raynard, Dec 27, 2015.

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      hi everyone! :) so a month ago, i had a ringing sound in my ear. i got really scared so the next day i went to the doctors. he said there was a slight ear infection and the sound will be gone and gave me some ear drops. i used them but the sound didnt go away, thus i went to an ENT specailist. the funny thing is, she did the hearing test, the pressure test and checked my ear and said nothing is wrong. my hearing is normal, my pressure is fine. i have been using earpiece for a few years (walking to school, bus) but i dont play the music loudly and i dont really see any hearing loss. i also have some ear pressure imbalance, also, i have sensitive nose. is my tinnitus temporary or pernament? thanks for reading and have a good day! :)
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      From what I am reading, no one really knows the answer.
      It may go or it may not, time will tell.
      I wish I could tell you for sure it will go away since mine is similar to yours but my infection was caused by earwax impaction that resulted in T.
      Maybe the syringing made it worst too.
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      not sure
      I agree no one knows the answer. Perhaps get the doctors to look after the obvious problems with the ears first, such as the imbalance, ear pressure and sensitivity issue. Let the doctors check for possible causes, such as vertigo, ETD, or even Meniere's. If there is a medical cause to the T, then when the medical problem is taken care off, T may just fade.

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