Tinnitus That Goes Away with Valsalva or by Plugging Ear and Pulling Slightly?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sasha72, Aug 1, 2022.

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      Hi everyone,

      I always thought my tinnitus was stress-related or due to earwax, which I recently had professionally cleaned out. But recently it's come back while I've not been stressed and my ears were completely fine.

      It's a high-pitched tone in my right ear and and I've noticed I can make it stop completely by:

      1. Holding my nose and blowing (Valsalva manouever). It's gone until I swallow and the tinnitus comes back along with my normal hearing.
      2. Plugging my ear with my finger and ever so slightly pulling/applying outwards pressure.
      3. Yawning (it comes back when I've finished yawning).

      There's a distinct point with 1 and 2 where it stops, to the point I can turn it off and on if I slightly adjust my finger back and forth; It seems very physical. I don't have any of the other symptoms of Eustachian tube dysfunction, besides when I do the Valsalva, my ears seem to block/pressurize at different speeds.

      I haven't seen an ENT yet but I'm trying to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible first.

      Does anyone know what this could be?

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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