Tinnitus. The new silence.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Linds, Feb 28, 2014.

    1. Linds

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      I don't know if this has been covered here before, but today I came to a realization.

      T is the new silence.

      Before T silence was, well, silence!

      After T we now have a new silence.

      We have a massive negative reaction to T when we first get it. We have lost our silence!

      Now we have to adjust to our NEW silence. This is what I believe habituation is.
      Once we adjust to our new silence we no longer "fret" over the lose of real silence.

      Just my musings. I hope it helps in some way.

      By the way I believe I am coming to terms with my new silence.

      I did not feel it was possible in the early days but now I feel we can all beat this affliction.

      We can ALL come to terms with our new silence.
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    2. Micky

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      Linds wrote..
      We can ALL come to terms with our new silence.

      Huh ive been trying for 15 years.. And still not come to terms with it..
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    3. Piper the great

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      I listen to mine like I use to the fan at night..... it is harder to hear certain sounds, usually low ones, but what else can we do.. if you don't come to terms with it, you will just live a long an miserable life.... I guess everyone has to carry some unwanted load..... this maybe ours..?...
    4. missZZ

      missZZ Member

      When I first got the T I was all upset for days. Then I started habituation, I simply was too busy to keep thinking about it. I found that outside noises such as external environment, driving, noises at school, work etc mask my noise :). I stay active and don't have to listen to the new silence. Sometimes I get so good at it I wonder where my T went lol. I do hear it clearly when it's really quite at home at night though.
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    5. The dazzler

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      That's about where I am! I've only had it for 2 months and it has improved a lot in that time. I'm a teacher and parent and to be honest I hardly hear it for the majority of the day, only really in the mornings and at night, so it doesn't bother me that much. The anxiety on the other hand..... that is a different story! That is a real struggle, I'm hoping that it will go with time!

      You ultimately have no choice, I loved life before my T and love it just as much now, I have to wake up each day and so have to find a way to deal with it. I ignore it most of the time and hide from it the rest of the time.
    6. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      Good post.
      40 years of 'silence' here.
      Life is good.
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    7. katriina

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      I don't accept that this is the only silence I will ever hear... I believe that I can hear silence as anyone else without T in the future. I'm so young that there will be cure in my lifetime and in the meantime I just have to adapt to this situation and keep living in hope :)
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    8. Grace
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      Exactly! Live with the noise for now and deal with it the best you can and just know in the back of your mind that you wont have to live like this forever cause a good treatment/cure WILL be in our lifetime! :) and just telling yourself that will deff make you adapt alot faster.. HOPE makes alot of a difference to the situation i think!!!!
    9. Jeff M.

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      Oct. 2012
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      Hey Linds,

      Spot on post!! Stoked to hear your attitude and outlook on your T!! I am in the exact same boat! I completely didn't think I would ever come to terms with my crazy high volume/pitch T !! But it is happening!! Thanks for sharing your perspective!! I am sure it is/will be helpful to many!!(y)

      Cheers!! :beeranimation:
    10. JTP
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      Shit happens
      vv slowly getting there, I hope. Been there, but staying there is the problem :)

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