Tinnitus Triggered by Sneezing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Martyn314, Jan 8, 2023.

    1. Martyn314

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      Neck, stress, sneezing

      Have been having high pitched ringing in my ears for the last 3 days and it's been a nightmare. Hardly slept at all and having panic attacks.

      It happened while I was exercising doing my usual routine with weights and I normally finish with some shoulder shrugs. This time just after I finished I sneezed with my head at a slightly awkward angle I and immediately heard the ringing and had a sore neck.

      Just wondering if there's any advice out their on ways to reduce the noise and if I should start coming to terms with this being potentially permanent?

      Many thanks.
    2. Stuart-T

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      Ear wax or COVID-19 infection
      There is a good chance it will stop if it's just a sneeze. Probably some ear drum pressure from the sneeze. Nothing much to be done - just wait.
    3. Ben Winders

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      This is not underestimating what you are going through, it is more bringing some perspective to the table.

      After 3 days, the word "permanent" should not be in your head.

      You probably hit a nerve, a blood vessel, a muscle or whatever - permanent damage from a sneeze (even with your head in a weird angle) I have not seen, and this forum has some weird people with weird self-assessed causes for their tinnitus.

      It may take some time to heal though, don't think it will heal like a superficial flesh wound or anything, it goes way, way slower.
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    4. Jupiterman

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      Sudden loud noise
      Sneezing can make tinnitus worse for some, though as has been said, I have never heard of it starting tinnitus from onset.

      Sneezing is basically a miniature explosion in your nose that can surpass 90 dB.

      If you read my previous posts, you will see some advice on this matter.
    5. Backpacker

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      Not sure what happened to you but during weightlifting and many other strenuous activities, more cerebrospinal fluid goes from your spinal area to the area around your brain and puts more explosive pressure on your inner ear.

      Whatever happened, avoid all kinds of Valsalva maneuvers for some time, no matter if they would be related to your nose or increase in abdominal pressure. Do not lift, push, or pull anything, do not strain on the toilet, do not even open tightly sealed jars for a couple of weeks. Don't let your head be in an upside down position either, don't bend over etc for a while. Basically, don't do anything that would temporarily increase your head pressure.

      I would advise against stiffling the sneezes in a Valsalva maneuver way (not saying you did it, just warning you) because if the air has nowhere to go, it can cause more pressure. Try not to sneeze at all if you know how to stop it before it comes. If not, I think it would be better to just sneeze with your mouth open and not let your head be at any awkward angle if you have to sneeze.

      Do you have any other symptoms?
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