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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Abbiexo, Dec 24, 2015.

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      I don't know.
      Hi i've had T since the 13th of december and basically its been really loud like earlier on I was in the hairdressers and there was a hairdryer blowing next to me and I could STILL hear my heartbeat, so basically I have noticed that I have not been having it for a couple of hours, at around 7-8ish I was getting it but I went to sleep cus i was SO tired then I woke up at 11, called mum, died my hair (the end pink), waxed and then played minecraft and through out all of that bit I didn't get my heartbeat. Usually when I wake up I get it, and its the same volume as later on in the day but now It's going I think. Its WAY quieter like I can barely hear it, I only get it if I swallow (My ears will pop and then I will hear 2 or 3 quiet heartbeats that get quieter each time then it will go) <-- I went on a plane last thursday so i think thats why they r popping but they will pop and sometimes I won't hear the heartbeat! usually If I put my ear to the ground it will either get louder or quieter but basically Instead I will hear 3 or 4 quiet heartbeat which get quieter each then it will go.

      ALSO My ear feels a bit blocked but when I use a qtip literally no earwax is coming out so i think thats why my tinnitus is.
      I think it's going and there isn't alot of noise literally its SILENT. I will tell you guys at night how its going :)
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      barotrauma, noise exposure, TMD? ETD?
      @Abbiexo, Glad to hear your doing better! You forgot to rate my Maine coon cat pic.
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      Glad you are doing better. Don't people have to be careful when using a q-tip when cleaning their ears?.

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