Tinnitus with Hearing Loss Before, and Now Tinnitus without Hearing Loss

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      Hey. I am 19 yrs old. Last year, I had this sudden ringing in my left ear one day. Of course, I dismissed it thinking that it will go away sooner or later as it could be due to the absence of sound which is normal for everyone to have it once in a while. Within five days, it became worst and hearing loss accompanied the high pitched ringing noise. I went to a GP and he was concerned as well as I couldn't hear him very clearly. He wrote me a referral letter to the ENT. I went to the ENT the next day, my hearing grew even worst then and the ringing became excruciatingly louder. I went for the audiology test and the results revealed that I had moderate hearing loss in my left ear. I then went to see the ENT, he did several tests and concluded that it may be due to viral infection so he prescribed steroids and some other medications. One month later, I went back for another audiology test and appointment with the ENT. The audiology test results revealed that my hearing was back to normal. However, the night before my appointment with the ENT, the ringing noise came back and it was really loud and pitchy. It was around 1 am, so hoping it would go away after a few hours, I went back to sleep. I woke up and it was gone! I told the ENT about it but he dismissed it, claiming that it could be nothing so I ignored it too.

      One or two months after that, I noticed that my ears, especially my left ear, get blocked very often as if it was due to pressure when I am in a car, train or tram that was travelling relatively fast. It was also difficult for me to unblock or unclog it when I am in the vehicle. I dismissed it eventually thinking that it could be nothing. Over two months, I noticed that the ringing came back. I could hear it especially at night and it is continuous. Whenever I touch my ears, the ringing would intensify. My aunt's friend suggested that I should go for an MRI. However, I would have to go for an audiology test first... again. I went for it and the results came back normal. Does this mean that my ears are fine? Do I still have to go for an MRI?

      I was hoping that someone else had the same experience before. :)
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      In the UK MR scans get done routinely with tinnitus and other symptoms to rule things out.
      Your tinnitus looks like it started with a virus and time will tell if it goes away.

      Usually under six months it as every chance in going and for some people over six months.
      Hearing can fluctuate with tinnitus and can be in one or both ears and head also.

      Keep posting for support on the main forums...lots of love glynis

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