Tinnitus Without Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by T Bone, Apr 23, 2014.

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      I know this question pops up quite a bit, but I just had my second hearing test today which was a more in depth one, and it showed absolutely no hearing loss, in fact above average hearing. So im really just confused of why my ears are ringing. Any ideas?
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      I wish I could tell you because I'm in the exact same boat.
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      It also depends if higher frequencies (> 10 khz) were tested.
      Could be that you have damaged hair cells there (age-related).
      If you have high pitched T, it is in the high frequencies - like it is for me.

      And as far as I remember, only 90% T patients also have hearing loss.
      And finally, I was told there are more than 400 known causes for T.
      So like many here, you maybe will not found out what caused yout T.
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      Start looking for any physical abnormalities in your jaw or facial/head muscles. A wonky jaw (TMJ syndrome) can put pressure on the ear and cause it to ring. Pinched eustacian tubes due to grinding your teeth at night can be a factor as well. Consider if any drugs you are taking have common ototoxic side effects.
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      There is no way to reliably link an audiogram with tinnitus. An audiogram was not invented for that purpose, and... there may be other reasons for your tinnitus (as stated by posters above me). But most of the time, tinnitus is due to some kind of minor "pathology" in the inner ear (even if the audiogram looks normal).
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      How are you feeling?

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