Tip #1: Find a Partner...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Caralyn, Mar 8, 2011.

    1. Caralyn

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      ...who snores!!

      my boyfriend snores so much that it is surreal.

      i like the snoring, it does not completely mask my tinnitus if i concentrate on the latter, but somehow it soothes me and makes falling asleep easy. i'm weird i know.

      this was meant as half-funny. i can't really recommend you to leave your better half just so you can find a snorer.
    2. Markku

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      I like the air source heat pump's noise, it masks tinnitus well and is a fridge-like humming...
    3. Svein

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      I'm a heavy snorer, but my wife says she's used to it, bless her. She's snores a bit herself, and when I wake up in the night with t screaming, it's a blessing to listen to her puffing till I feel asleep again.
    4. jon

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      Edinburgh Scotland
      I do snore and my partner said it is a gentle noise, I bet she is louder though. She is also jealous that I sleep so deep. But since I cracked sleeping years ago I can just let it happen really fast. I have maskers and dont wear them so often. I find the TRT theory is not really cutting the cheese, but the devices are great!

      Its interesting hearing the focus of the mind on the T is shifted by an external noise and rhythm, that is the basis TRT . I had a really interesting experience Off Grid (no mains electricity, no maskers) and I was dreading it since we were up at 2000 meters high and my inner ears were nuts - the sound of the natural world just absorbed me. But I could actually feel a stillness, a silence, like a hood had dropped from my head. Really interesting, and the T; it was a tool, but thats another story...

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