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    1. Avatars differentiate members here on Tinnitus Talk and they give a more personal feeling.

      It's always kind of boring when you don't have an avatar set.

      When logged in to Tinnitus Talk, go to
      Right there you'll see the Avatar box, click it.

      It's really an easy process. You just need to find a pic that is preferably at least 200x200 pixels (up to 200 kilobytes (kB) in size). It doesn't need to be a picture of yourself, although it of course can be if you so like. Any picture is better than the default (no avatar at all) one.

      Thanks! :love:

      PS. You can also use Gravatar (globally recognized avatar). It's set from the same Avatar box I described above.
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    2. vickilynn

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      I can't figure out how to get an avatar image from another site to use here. Not that it's that big a deal but when I signed up I was urged to get an avatar. It'd be nice if the board just offered some here to choose from. :) Got any simple "instructions for dummies" on getting one? I'm technically challenged, I'm afraid.
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      @vickilynn; Which web browser are you using? The steps may vary depending upon browsers, but here's what you need to do. Visit the other site, where the image you want exists. Right click on that image, select "Save image as" option. Save the image on your computer, preferably on the desktop for easy access. Now, head back to this forum. On the top right side of the site, you can see your name. Click that, that will drop down another small menu. Select 'Your Profile Page' from that. It will take you to your profile page, where you can mess around with lots of settings. Click on the 'Question mark' picture to change your avatar. Choose 'use custom avatar' and browse for that image on your computer, wherever you saved it. Alternatively, if you want to use an image which already exists on your computer, just goto your profile page and change it. :)
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    4. vickilynn

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      Ahh, thanks. I didn't think about downloading the image to the computer first. I think the browser we have at home is the Windows browser. We have Firefox I could use if I want but I never use it. Thanks, when I get time I'll try again.

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