To Get Syringed or Not?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Craig T, Aug 26, 2016.

    1. Craig T

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      Aliens planted a probe in my ear!

      I know you've probably read the same story a hundred times, but looking for some honest advice.

      A couple of weeks a go I noticed I was finding it difficult to clear water from my ear after a shower, I also noticed if I put a little pressure on the bottom of my ear (pushing up the way) my ear was closing up. I then had to move it around to get sound back...didn't think too much of it.

      Gradually over 2 days I noticed a high pitched ringing sound developing in the same ear, I knew what it was straight away as my sister and father both have tinnitus. Also had some pain behind my eyes and headaches the whole week.

      Anyway, went to the docs and told him this, he took one look in my ear and said "it's jam packed with wax". So he gave me almond oil and told me to book to get my ears syringed in 2 weeks.

      By the time I actually got to the docs the noise had reduced quite a bit, any ways onwards and upwards I started putting the oil in my ear and pretty much straight away the noise got louder. It also seems to be a lot worse when I get home from work and lay on the sofa or lay down in bed.

      It's took my a few days to accept this could be the new norm for me, but I don't suppose worrying about it is going to help me.

      My question is, could my symptoms really be caused by ear wax and would you say I was taking a risk of the syrining making the noise even louder?

      I kind of feel like my doctor may just be prescribing this treatment because it's all he can prescribe.

      It's hard enough to sleep at its current volume, never mind even louder.

      Any advice from other tinnitus sufferers would be very welcome.


    2. quietatnight

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      Accustic tramma due being too close to a fire craker when I was a kid

      I have had my impacted ear wax remove a bunch of different ways over the years, syringed is ok, Now I only have it done manually now under a microscope with a currid tool by an ENT, it's the safest way. But what ever you do, do NOT,,, do NOT let them use MICRO SUCTION...NO WAY. And no ear candeling. Ask if your ENT will remove it manually like I said.

      Good Luck


    3. Tweaker

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      Noise exposure
      Instrument removal under miscroscope/endoscope is safest, if you can find someone who does it. Once wax is removed and hearing improved, your tinnitus should reduce. Microsuction is very loud, so could make things worse. Syringing seems to be the cause of some people's tinnitus. I would pay privately for instrument removal using jobson horne. Lots of youtube videos showing instrument removal.
    4. RAY

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      Virus in left ear
      I have had micro suction 4/5 times now due to wax but haven't found my T any worse for the procedure, but everyone is different and what ever you decide as you know its your decision. I wear Two hearing aids and wax was a major problem but ENT suggested using sodium bicarbonate ear drops I know use these once a week 2 drops in each ear and wax is now not a problem.
    5. Sam Bridge

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      Loud music/gigs probably
      I just use sodium bicarb drops and that usually clears it up.

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