TODAY: Artist Re-Creates the Ringing Sounds of Tinnitus to Raise Awareness

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by kmohoruk, Mar 31, 2019.

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      Loud Noise, Ear Infection, TMJ
      Just wanted to pass this along. Rebecca Alexander has done a lot work raising awareness and fundraising dollars for her condition (Usher Syndrome III), has in turn focused on speaking out about tinnitus as well - since she has fluctuating and changing tinnitus through losing her hearing due to her condition. Many people don't realize, but some individuals who are deaf also have some level of tinnitus as well.

      It's a short segment. But it focuses on replicating different individuals' tinnitus so people can hear what it's like to have it.
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      unknown - possibly hereditary
      • Tinnitus retraining therapy mentioned
      • Lipo-Flavonoid "Chief Medical Officer" interviewed
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      Dr. Shelly Borgia, "Lipo-Flavonoid Chief Audiologist" - There has never been the slightest scientific evidence that Lipo-Flavonoid has any effect on tinnitus. I tried it for several weeks and it was useless.
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      ETD possibly, or neck and jaw, or maybe anxiety?
      Say what you want about Lipo-Flavonoid, they are at least raising awareness.
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