Today's the Day I’ve Spent More of My Life with Tinnitus Than Not

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sandythesquirrel, Aug 11, 2021.

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      I used to get ear infections a lot as a young kid, few times a year, but they stopped when I was about 4. However when I was 10 my tinnitus started as a hum in my right ear and soon after I found out my ear was damaged from all those infections. Over the years it has progressively gotten worse, starting as a mild annoyance that I could drown out to now where I can barely make it through the quiet of a university lecture.

      I’m now 21 and as a music student it couldn’t be more unfortunate. Thankfully, because of my tinnitus, I’ve always been aware of hearing protection and have always had weird looks from fellow musicians when using it. This baffles me to this day how people are willing to risk their ears just to “hear things the way they’re supposed to be heard” (an actual quote from a sax player I used to play with). Playing the trombone is my passion and I worry that at some point soon I’ll have to quit out of sheer frustration.

      At some point a few years back, I resigned myself to it and got on with my life but as I’m sat here typing this, with over 10 years and half my life with tinnitus, I can’t help but have this overbearing fear and anxiety that I will never again hear the silence I have long since forgotten. I haven’t had any support for it; a combination of me accepting it as part of my life and not having anyone around me that can offer support. So I’m hoping that, while it’s only a start, joining this forum will allow me to vent all the bottled up emotions I have and finally being able to cope with it, as opposed to ignoring it. Who knows, maybe it’ll even get better, but it’s going to be a long road of trying to convince myself otherwise.

      Sorry for the long post, it’s an emotional day for me.
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      Hi there, so sorry you’re suffering with us. I’m tired so I’ll keep it short.

      I assumed you’ve had tinnitus for 25-40 years when I saw the headline. Only ten :)? Just kidding.

      I think you should be proud of what you have gone through and that you’re on the way to make an adult life for yourself. Impressive.
      Also you’re so young that when you’re 40 I think there will be treatments for you, at least to reduce the noises. I know it sounds a long way to go but for many the twenties are spent just getting an education and job plus some goofing around.

      Then you’re only 10 years away.

      Still time to do most of what you want if you’re healthy otherwise.

      I must say you’re brave with the trombone. I don’t think it’s very smart, you should at least try to get 2 different paths planned ahead.
      Perhaps a dual study...?

      Welcome :)
      And we’re good at venting ;)

      Best regards.
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