Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol — Scam?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by nicko, Jul 19, 2018.

    1. nicko

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      Has anybody had experience with the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?
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    2. CricketEars

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      This is just my take, but it sounds like it's an eBook that tells you "how to get rid of tinnitus in 21 days." Keep in mind that people sell eBooks for everything from curing hair loss and cancer, to methods on how to get rich. My guess is that this a collection of methods to try. Mainly supplements (Ginkgo Biloba, Lipoflavonoids, Magnesium, etc), but also cognitive therapies, meditation, etc. But these are all going to be methods you can find on Google (and don't typically work). Not to mention you could find info on them here in these forums with the detailed experiences of real people who have tinnitus and tried these methods.

      A couple things that jumped out at me were the "21 day" time-limit. Usually when there is a time frame on something as mysterious as tinnitus, it screams bogus. It's just a marketing technique to make it sound better than the other products that claim to be a cure. Also the first link that came up when I searched for this was "Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review - MUST WATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING." Whenever something says "don't buy this product before seeing this" and then gives a positive review of the product, it's definitely cause for concern. Hope this helps!

      Bottom Line: Save your money.
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    3. Samir

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      Accoustic trauma
      "I'm 52 years old."

      "having served in the U.S. Air Force, Army, and the Marines"... who the hell is this guy? Rambo? John Rambo!?

      "for more than two decades, my job has always been to protect my country."

      "But when 10 years ago my wife Jo developed tinnitus"...
      Right... so his wife at home who saw no combat, she developed tinnitus but not him? How could he possibly develop tinnitus! He's Rambo! And look what a hero, he goes on to save his wife from this unseen enemy.

      This is a fairy tale.

      I just saw that these morons spammed the community forum over at Autodesk, a company that develops software tools for engineers that help shape our world. That's despicable in my book.
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    4. TomDe

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      Had different past experiences that each on it's own could.
      It's sad to say, but I guess I've been duped. I did just buy this program "Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol". It's gotten to the point where I am desperate for relief. I don't have the money to buy the products for juicing so I haven't done that to see the results. I'm living day to day on SS and it's rough. Don't need to waste money on things that don't actually work. It's unbelievable how we can't trust anyone these days, to tell the truth about their products. Color me frustrated!
    5. Dancer

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      Music,guns,chainsaws,motorbikes,power tools etc
      I recently bought into this Protocol on impulse. There seems to a small number of reviews on YouTube and through the web which appear too positive and with an advertising focus which triggers my alarm bells.

      My experience is not good. I was charged $51 Australian not $37. The site does not accept PayPal. The site makes you pay up front and then leads you through pages of advertisements for more cures or extras to go along with the original Protocol and also encourages you to buy and hence pay more, the actual acceptance of the original offer is hard to find and in small print.

      I had no idea if I had purchased the $37 Protocol since I have had NO emails or Protocol sent to me from Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol. I have emailed their support address many times asking for the paid product and then asking for the promised 60 day refund. You guessed it, NO answer.

      I have emailed BuyGoods and complained numerous times and did get a semi personal response (rather than auto responses that I was getting from them) after suggestion of consumer/social media follow up.

      I did get a $51 AUS refund but due to the time interval in arranging this lodged a dispute with American Express whom I have a credit card account with. This effectively put a hold on that transaction and flagged any further future transactions with BuyGoods.

      So in summary I have spent a lot of effort over nothing and in hindsight suspect that The Protocol probably would not offer me any thing new that I have not tried or researched before.

      By offering a cocktail of common ingredients as well as other posted strategies one has to question how a consumer would pinpoint any tinnitus relief in a short period of 21 days or indeed which particular ingredient/activity might have effected this and then attempt a refund with these people, good luck. If any impartial consumers have actually received and reviewed the product.

      I am curious on future feedback from others, too bad it is not going to be me.
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    6. Noel Connaughton

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      no idea
      I watched part of the video promotion, there is no way to stop or go backwards or forwards. It's really boring and full of irrevelant junk. As he doesn't know how to pronounce Leicester as in University of Leicester, it doesn't inspire confidence and is probably just another scam. (Hint - it's pronounced - Lester) Jut another heartless shit making money out of gullible people who are suffering.
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    7. JudieJay

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      Dancer, thanks for your very detailed feedback. Since many of 'Jo's' experiences were similar to mine the explanation of the degrading myelin sheath started to sound very feasible to me. Thankfully though, the alarm bells began to ring much louder than my tinnitus.
      I appreciate that there is this forum for sharing experiences, it's a shame that some of those are costly. Good luck to you.
      It's back to earphones with calming sounds for me.
    8. Adeline

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      Don’t know
      Has anyone heard of a person called Todd Carson, supposedly based in the US. He sells a recipe for some kind of smoothie called The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol.

      Apparently this cures tinnitus.

      Sounds like a load of nonsense to me. Too good to be true.... is this a scam?
    9. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      If TONAKI was a cure, this forum would not exist, simple as that.
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    10. Geranium

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      nov. 2017
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      Has anyone ever tried Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

      It upsets me to find such advertising directed toward so many people who are desperate to find a cure.

      How could you have such a cure and restrict it to those who happen across it.

      I went to write them and found even the address was not legitimate.

      How do we know who to believe.
    11. MarkG

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      Out of desperation, I ended up buying into this as well. The myelin sheath info seemed like it could indeed be plausible and I like smoothies;)

      Ordering the eBook was all pretty straight forward and the transaction/ receipt was from the company,Buy goods. The price had been discounted to $27 so this made the purchase slightly more attractive ( clever marketing techniques and many good web reviews cemented the deal....)

      Anyway, the eBook arrived and was full of quasi scientific info and some shite about The authors history and his wife’s struggle with tinnitus. Some of the info seemed well informed from a health perspective so I continued reading.

      I skipped most of it as it became quite tedious and got to the business end of making the smoothies. To be honest, I was skeptical about how 21 days of anything would make a difference so figured $27 was worth a shot.

      Anyway long story short, after purchasing the ingredients and making the morning smoothies and taking the recommended complex b vitamins, magnesium, quercitin and omega 3 for 21 days I have noticed no change in the constant ringing I deal with 24/7. Obviously this was never going to work. I knew this, but was keen to try something new that didn’t involve paying GlaxoSmithKline or some other multi national group of scumbag villains more money for much the same result.

      One interesting outcome to all this is that on starting the program I managed to quite smoking, cut down on drinking alcohol start regular exercise at the gym and become more conscious of my food intake. I have actually enjoyed the daily smoothy recipies and figure they can only help anyway. To be honest, I will continue making them.

      I have since requested a refund from BuyGoods. An automated email stated that it would be done in 3 days. I will post back to confirm.

      Overall, I recon it was worth it even if I don’t get the refund. I suppose most successful marketing schemes pray on the desperate to sell an idea. Whether it’s Tinnitus, herpes, dick problems or weight loss, the formulas the same, BE HEALTHY and shit can only get better.

      The ringing in my ears at night gets so loud I worry it’ll wake up my wife!!!!

      Hopefully someone does find a cure soon.
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    12. vilasini

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      don't know, maybe loud noise
      I was initially clued into this being potentially a scam when I saw the video of the supposedly Mrs. Kyoko. That was probably an Indonesian woman, going on her facial features and the clothes worn by the people also in the video. If you look at pictures of Tonaki Island the vegetation is not the same as the product video. As I would love to get rid of the buzz in my ears, I was nearly going to buy the package, but that really got me suspicious.
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    13. Jack Straw

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      Infection, Acoustic Trauma
      Is this a joke? The actors promoting Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol are so bad it is obvious they didn't know what tinnitus was until they showed up for audition.

      Ugh, so angry that people can make claims like this and take advantage of people...
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