Tone Changes in Different Environments

Discussion in 'Support' started by Scott T, Jul 2, 2016.

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      Ear wax removal?
      I've noticed that my tone changes in different environments.

      For example if I am in my car with the engine off its a ring, then i start driving and its a ring that goes in and out.

      When i walk into a quiet room a high pitched ring takes over. I am going crazy. This has been going on since and ear micro suctioning on Tuesday and and I am in the 7 stages of death. I am most pissed at myself for having an ENT suction my ears out even though I had this done before with out any problems. I was having a bad spike thinking that it was my sinuses and thats why I went in. I may have developed H as well. I notice that I am more sensitive to noise and the volume on certain things have increased but I do not know if that is because I am able to just hear now with no earwax blocking my ear drum. I know I keep on posting similar things but I having a extremely difficult time right now with this. It has affected all aspects of my life including the being a dad. I have not smiled in 5 days.

      I actually lost 10 lbs. I have never taken any sort of anti anxiety meds before but took my first clozapam the other day which did not really do anything. I am totally defeated.

      Once again I am sorry for these continuous rants but I dont have anyone that I can talk to about this and the people who I do are like"that sucks man" and dont really understand what its like. I would just like to be at baseline again.

      I know that my ears are hyperactive from the cleaning but I am trying to wrap my head around if the suction did anymore permanent damage.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Scott,
      It's still early days for your ears to settle down and sensitive to sound from wax removal.
      I know one or two people on hear who had problems after having suction done .
      Try to stay calm and give your medication time to work to settle anxiety.
      Try not blame yourself as you did not know the problems were to follow after suction.
      Keep your doctor in the loop on how you are feeling and how you are doing and try another medication if you get no not of the colozipam.
      Take care and hope a restful weekend helps....lots of love glynis
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      How are you feeling now @Scott? Have things improved for you? Take care, Maria

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