Tone Pacer PRO App — Has a Very Soothing Effect on My Auditory Cortex

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      Tone Pacer Pro for Android

      "The Tone Pacer Pro application is the professional version of the popular Tone Pacer APP...

      ...The Pro Version due to its flexibility also lends itself for notch-like treatment protocols that have been shown to attenuate tinnitus and Stochastic Vestibular Stimulation.

      The Pro version was design to meet the needs of professionals seeking an application for the generation of acoustical auditory stimulus."
      I regularly visit a chiropractor who uses a wide variety of "alternative" modalities. He muscle tests for everything he does, including his normal chiropractic adjustments. He does the same for various other modalities he employs. One day he checked to see if I might benefit from a relatively new app he'd just gotten called the Tone Pacer PRO ($60), which is used in conjunction with AfterShokz Headphones (around $100 U.S.).

      After testing for which frequencies I needed, and for how long, I laid down for 20 minutes and let it do its thing. Within a few minutes, I was pretty gob-smacked by how relaxing it was. As somebody who's done many, many things over the years to help calm down my body, brain, and neurological system (including using benzodiazepines), I could hardly believe how something so seemingly simple could be so relaxing.

      I recently purchased this app so I could use it regularly at home, and have found it very helpful to be able to do this on a daily basis. One thing I've done in the past that seems somewhat similar to this Tone Pacer PRO is a microcurrent device called Alpha-Stim. I paid about $600 for that unit, and found it to be very helpful. But this Tone Pacer PRO experience feels much deeper than my Alpha-Stim experience. At least part of the reason could be that it has both a gentle vibratory and auditory stimulus.

      I can't really say whether it's affecting my tinnitus severity on an ongoing basis. Being able to use this on a daily basis is coming on the heels of my discovering a product called GABA Calm that is helping to soften both my ear and head tinnitus. But I can say that the Tone Pacer PRO does positively affect both my tinnitus and my auditory cortex agitation while I'm using it. To clarify, I think of "generalized auditory cortex agitation" and head tinnitus to be very similar if not the same thing for me.

      Anyway, just wanted to share what I've come across that's working well for me. I would have loved to have had something like this at the time of my initial traumatic tinnitus onset back on Feb. 4, 2018. But even though I'm much improved from that initial screeching 10+++ tinnitus back then, I'm extremely happy to have discovered this new therapy at this time. One more notch in improving the quality of my daily life.
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