Tooth Infection Causes Hissing/Ringing in BOTH Ears/Head?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by olive, Mar 16, 2015.

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      Hi all. I'm new to the T. It is absolutely horrible. Mine started 31/2 weeks ago. since I am unemployed I have long wait times to see the doctor and ent. I've had a bad tooth for years (I know I know, I should have had it taken care of but like I said, lack of money, and fear of dentist) I think my T started when my tooth became abscessed, finally went to a prompt care facility to get antibiotics (2nd day on Doxy) The dr there seems to think the sounds in my head are related to the infection and I also have bad allergies. He says the sounds should go down or go away completely after I get this infection under control and tooth removed. Well the sounds went from ringing to a loud hissing now, it's freaking me out and I cannot sleep at all because of it. I'm a complete wreck you could say. I'm convinced it will never go away.
      My question is: can this tooth infection cause these ringing and hissing noises in both ears? It sounds like it's in my head but at times its louder in each ear, like it changes sides throughout the day. If my tooth infection is on the left side why am I hearing this everywhere?!
    2. John G

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      Hi Olive,

      Any update on your T and tooth?.
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      Hi, sorry to hear what your going through.
      The ears are so close to the back teeth, If there is swelling, it's probably pushing a ear nerve and causing your ear noise.
      Sometimes the ears will sync together. I have ringing in my right ear. sometimes my left will sync with the ringing ear, it will start ringing too. Then it will go away in my left ear.
      I believe if you look up the anatomy of the ear there is a nerve that is connected to both ears that runs behind the head to both ears. That could be why it sounds like it's in your head.
      The auditory system is complex that is probably why your hearing it everywhere.
      I hope this helped!
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      you are hearing it everywhere because it is generated in the BRAIN; perceived in the ears/head.

      the swelling from the abscess might have caused a loss of external input to the ear, causing your brain to turn up its auditory gain.

      the doxy might have caused it?
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      Not sure, maybe dental and facial nerve
      Hi there!
      Any update on this ? I have the same thing going on, pulled out three of my abcessed tooth, but the ear ringing and certain nerve sensations are still there...:( Not sure if it will go away or not.

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      Ear infection
      I have been a T sufferer for 29 years...initially I thought I'd go mad if this was to be my life from here on out. But I learned to adjust...most days. I say most days because some days it's a mere low hum, like made with a tuning fork, others are like having a head full of locust, and everything inbetween. But recently it has intensified along with my left ear being sensitive to sound, sounding like a cracked speaker and a felling of fullness. Doctor treated it with antibiotics and ear drops. No improvement. But this thread caught my eye do to the fact I've also been suffering with a molar on my left side, do to go see an oral surgeon. I am curious to see if there is a connection, and hopefully some relief.

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