Top 100-Cited Articles in Tinnitus: A Bibliometric Analysis

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      Seyit Mehmet Ceylan Department of Otolaryngology, Sanko University School of Medicine, Gaziantep, Turkey

      BACKGROUND/AIMS This study aimed to identify and analyze the top 100 cited articles about tinnitus research.

      MATERIAL and METHODS Using the Web of Science database, we searched the term “tinnitus” from 1900 to date and ordered the articles sequentially based on the highest to the lowest total number of citation. Then, we listed the top 100 cited articles and further analyzed them in terms of author, publication year, research category, journal, institution, and country. All data are reported as tabulated values, bar graph, and percentage. No statistical analysis was performed.

      RESULTS The most cited article received 726 citations. With 12 articles, the Hearing research journal published the highest number of articles. Moreover, 51 out of 100 articles originated from the USA. Southern Illinois University with 18 articles ranked the first in the list, followed by the University of Antwerp with 10 articles. Furthermore, 45% and 42% of these articles were categorized under the fields of neuroscience and otorhinolaryngology, respectively.

      CONCLUSION This bibliometric analysis identified the top 100 cited research articles about tinnitus and provided a track record of the historical development and trends in tinnitus research.

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