Trains, Cars and Motorcycles (Oh My) — Could These Lead to Increases in Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gerbit, Jun 16, 2020.

    1. Gerbit

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      Ear Infection
      I hope you like the Wizard of Oz reverence :)

      Today I was in a town with a few friend and on the way down, was next to a car with a noisy muffler. I put earplugs on as soon as I could, but it was rather annoying.

      A little bit later, I was near a train (50 ish feet away) and it was coupling/decoupling cars. It was rather loud (90-105 dB perhaps?) like not insanely loud but rather startling. I was also passing a road where some trucks were passing.

      Any chance that any of these could lead to tinnitus increases or spikes? If so, any idea of how long they could last? Anyone had similar experiences?
    2. Ehren M

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      acoustic trauma
      I've definitely had similar experiences... Like every time I go out downtown.

      I count myself lucky that I haven't noticed any spikes from those brief loud events so far. Did you?
    3. Robster

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      January 2021
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      Acoustic trauma - MRI
      I decided to do a short 5 minute drive last week without ear plugs, first time driving without earplugs since getting tinnitus. The bad ear my right (moderate tinnitus) is the same as before, left ear in which the tinnitus is only mild is now slightly louder (though still mild). From now on I will be using earplugs when driving or walking by a main road.

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