Traumatic Tinnitus Is Analogous to a Cluster Bomb: There's So Much to Unravel

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marcuso22, Dec 13, 2020.

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      I'm learning from my past month's experience with noise induced tinnitus hearing loss that there's lots to unravel psychologically, physiologically & environmentally.

      I knew a little bit about tinnitus prior to my acute trauma but nothing close to how severe it can get. I also never knew about hyperacusis, noxacusis, recruitment, or reactive tinnitus that can all occur from one traumatic event. There's so much to unravel.

      I'm right now at the point where I have been experimenting with both my ears to see exactly which one's I have and how they differentiate. It takes time & is way more complicated then I expected.

      I would have to say Tinnitus Talk has been more helpful in discovering these things than the professionals I have seen or spoken with so far.

      However through one email one audiologist suspected I may have hyperacusis. So that was the first time I had heard that term. I'm still trying to figure out why my right ear reacts so badly to when my fridge compressor goes on which lasts for usually 20 minutes. Right now I've decided to try ear plug in that ear when the motor starts running. The only other thing I notice so far is that the speaker phone seems to irritate my ears, and when I make things louder whether it's my radio, car heater, or TV. my right ear tinnitus gets louder as well trying to out match it like some contest.

      Very strange thing all of this.
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