Triad Wave Music to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Effects of EMF.

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      I received this email message stating: "Miraculous" cure for anxiety, stress, whatever else ails you....

      I thought, just another hype. Well... something told me to open it and look into the claims. Yes, of course I bought the download and made them into cds!! People that are familiar with me here know I try just about everything! :LOL:

      I thought since I was getting bored with my rain and thunder cd, that I play this new calming music all night on a loop for masking purposes instead for a while. After a couple of nights with it on a loop and occasionally playing this Triad wave embedded music during the day, I am totally impressed.... and calm and stress free.

      About it from the web site:

      "The Triad Wave© is a sub-acoustic sine wave, the sequencing of this multi-frequency wave is specific... the timing of the intervals are specific... the looping of the sequences is specific... all designed to create an environment that is in perfect unison with the highest awareness of thought, Divine Intelligence and absolute resonance with the planet upon which we live.

      The Triad Wave© is sub-acoustic, meaning it is below the level of human hearing.

      The Triad Wave, a creation of Brenda Williams, can be experienced all day, every day if that is your desire. It will continue to work to slowly bring you into harmony with the natural world, mind, body, spirit.

      The Triad Wave is independent of the music carrier. This means that even if the volume is turned all the way down the effects of the Triad Wave remains.

      The benefits you gain while listening are dramatic; beginning with a reduction in your overall stress level which clears the way for increased clarity and focus.
      As the music contains no brainwave entrainment it can be heard as often as you like's perfect sleep music."

      The vimeo below is a sample of the Triad wave embedded music. I find it played on a loop to be totally relaxing. If you don't feel it right away, keep at it for a few days! In fact you don't even have to have the sound up for you to get the effects!

      Don't just believe me.. try it for a few days and let me know!!

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