TRT Specialists in Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky?

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      Hello Dr. Nagler, I hope you're doing well.

      I was wondering if you knew anyone that does TRT, specifically for hyperacusis, in Cincinnati, OH or Norther Kentucky area? The audiologist I have been seeing doesn't seem to know much about hyperacusis or TRT. And she actually made my hyperacusis much worse during a hearing test that was too loud. She has given me a neuromonics device to trial, but I have not been liking it. My symptoms seem to all get worse when I use it instead of better.

      I've had tinnitus for 9 months. I was starting to really habituate when it got much much worse along with hyperacusis, which made the tinnitus highly reactive and makes me now hear lots of sound distortion (dysacusis?). This started a little over 2 months ago and it has not improved. It is keeping me from living my life at the moment, and I just want to be proactive and try to get started on a treatment plan.

      Thank you.
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      Sorry, @Phat Tuna. I do not know any tinnitus/hyperacusis clinicians (TRT or otherwise) in your area well enough to be able to make a recommendation one way or the other.

      I do have some questions you might ask as you do your own due diligence in finding somebody:

      · What is the approach the clinician is recommending, and why is it appropriate for me?
      · What type of training has the clinician undergone in the use of that approach?
      · How long has the clinician been using the approach?
      · How many tinnitus sufferers has the clinician treated with the approach?
      · What is the clinician's success rate using the approach?
      · How does the clinician define and measure success?

      Hope this helps.

      Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.

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