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Discussion in 'Support' started by Sybs, May 3, 2014.

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      I have been keeping a diary lately - not solely for T - but I just put a little entry in each day that says "loud t" or "t hardly noticeable", etc, and I find it helps me to see all the times that it has been so much better so that when I get a spike I can be reassured that I can have periods of hardly noticing it as well. Also I look at what I was doing during whatever was happening with the T to see if I can find any pattern/connection.
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    2. carol kane

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      I do exactly the same thing Sybs ...
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      I tried to keep track--I'd put a 'g' for good day on my calendar, a 'b' for bad day and an 'nsb' for not so bad. It seems I have two low t days a week--once I had 3. There is no rhyme or reason to it though as I hadn't changed anything. One week I did try some of the 'forbidden foods/drinks' and it didn't make a difference either. Yesterday my T was extremely low but on Thursday it was buzzing--nothing was different. I slept the same, did the same routine, etc. I honestly can't find a pattern so I'm going to stop keeping track and just get on with things. My T is loud today and I have to go to a yard party--I don't feel like going but I am going as the sunshine and warm will help.
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      This is a lot of effort and keeps your focus on T. People that have
      habituated say it does not matter what kind of days or pattern you have??
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      I agree 100 percent with this Denny. I think this can be very counterproductive. By doing this you're associating loud t days with bad days and low t days with good days. This could be a bad thing down the road. Working on reaction has been much more beneficial for me. I have tried this as well and in my opinion when trying to habituate I would steer clear of anything that unnecessarily reminds you of t.
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      Keep a log of your T is not a good idea. Keeping note of something that may make it worse is ok but may be irrelevant over time. As Denny said keeping a log keeps your focus on it. Also, more than likely you will not find any real useful information. What you thought might make your T worse one day, may not the next day. Also, over time your ears/brain adapts and changes itself so things that you know for sure used to bother you might not any longer. Most of us who have had T for a while, have tried to track our T only to fail. It would be better to put your time into doing other things.
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