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Discussion in 'Support' started by Plutonic, Sep 21, 2016.

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      Want to thank Tsounds1.

      Have had tinnitus for nearly two years, I can mask it with white noise but the video Tsounds1 posted seems to instantly change my tinnitus cutting its intensity in half.

      Quite amazingly actually.

      Here's the link:

      8000 Hertz ANM cycle

      Who is this guy...?
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    2. Markku

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      The audio and video was created by our own @Steve H, however someone without asking him copied the video onto their channel (in the process renaming the video to "tinnitus relief - it works"). You embedded that copied video, so I have replaced your embed with Steve's original video (which is exactly the same).

      To find more awesome audio stuff Steve has created, look here

      We will eventually move a lot of these to our Tinnitus Hub YouTube channel, so please subscribe to it while you're at it.
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      Hello, I'd also like to thank @Steve H for producing - Acoustic Neuromodulation - Musical

      There is something 'defininately' happening here for me, whether it's residual inhibition I don't know. It seems to last for more than a few minutes too - having just listened it's been 10/15 mins now.

      My usually high 'tinkling' frequencies peter out, leaving a duller lower tone undeneath. Which is preferrable in any case.

      Since a few days ago, I have tried this out a few times to the same effect, so i'm discouraged from thinking it's just fluke.

      It's the first direct manipulation for myself I've come across, besides hardcore exercise, that affects my T.

      So thanks! This is giving me partial relief...
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    4. Jomo

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      going for a rim shot on the snare drum.
      i use this method all the time....read reports believing that it could possibly cure tinnitus if used during the beginning or at least lessen the volume with continued use....my tinnitus was at that high "eeing" pitch range during the first week and now its up to 14000 khz range...its very light..at night though i get a light version of the "eeeing" but after 3 weeks i would call this an improvement...i was very surprised nobody talks about this more as a treatment especially for newcomers to this site....it does not work for everybody though...in some cases it raised the T sounds for a short period of time....as for myself whenever i feel it picking up i pull out my recording and just zap it...helps alot besides drinking alot of pineapple juice and taking magnesium and vitamin b & c
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