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      Not sure.

      I'm new to the forums and looking for a bit of advice.

      I'll try and explain as best as I can about myself and what I am experiencing.

      From a very young age I have had problems with ENT, I had my tonsils out and adenoids operated on when I was about 4 years old, I did have a further op when I was older but I don't remember what that was for. I continued to have problems with my ears throughout my childhood, teens and adulthood, when I was in my early 20's I had a nasty infection which made me almost deaf for six weeks. I have constant tinnitus (high pitch and low when I get a bad cold) but I don't recall exactly when that started, I think I had it as a child.

      I also suffer with anxiety disorders, SAD, agoraphobia because of the SAD and recently I have discovered that I may have Misophonia and a problem with certain loud noises (drills, blenders etc.) which actually make me very nervous and make me feel like leaving the room/area. I suffer with headaches and neck pain 24/7 and sometimes have balance issues, my ears sometimes feel sore, quite often feel sore both inside and outside, my eardrum feels like it's vibrating when the noises I don't like are happening which then makes them really sensitive to other sounds, they also feel full or like there is something in them sometimes. The Miso I think I've had since a child too because of how I reacted to a noise being made by a friend, it was just a tapping noise which I asked them to stop doing, they didn't and I hit out at her. The whole thing has been made worse since moving below a flat with two noisy females in it. I have tried complaining, they've had seven warnings, now noise pollution are involved.

      Every time I talk to a Dr about my ears they just check them and tell me there's nothing wrong or that one has wax in it which always seems to be my right ear and that's it, they do nothing else.

      I'm currently seeing a therpist for CBT who at first wasn't listening to me about the Miso, she thought I was just getting angry at the noise from the neighbours, I told her I had been trying to tell her it was other noises such as typing, tapping, stamping, babies crying/screaming and so on, it was then she started to listen and ask me questions about it, how my ears felt etc. she asked if I had spoken to a Dr, I told her yes on numerous occasions but they don't listen, she said she would look into it.

      My question is, what type of Dr should I be seeing? My normal Dr seems clueless and like I said if I tell her I have a problem she looks in my ears and says they are fine apart from the wax! I feel like I'm banging my head off of a brick wall, also could I have TTTS?

      Thanks in advance



      One other thing I forgot to mention was I also get itchy ear (inside).
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      You should get an audiological evaluation first.
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      I'm getting a lot of ear spasms/vibrations in both ears. My forehead, head, middle of eye brows, sometimes cheeks, also increase in pressure/tension when the tinnitus increases. Is this TTTS or sinus pressure?

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