Turning It On And Off?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mr. Vimes, May 15, 2015.

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      Newbie to the site but was so happy when I read this forum and found people suffering the same crazy dance with tinnitus.

      sleep is surely a factor. Whatever condition I wake up in seems to usually be the way I stay. Peculiarly, if I go to bed very drunk and wake up with a hangover, I usually don't have tinnitus that day.

      I have noticed other things triggering it though. A cough sometimes sets it off, or blowing my nose. Sometimes straining a little to much on the toilet and suddenly, .....ah, there you are.

      My T is very low frequency which I can almost feel if that makes sense. Its kinda like a generator rumbling in a basement somewhere a few floors down. then, some mornings I'll wake up and it seems like I had been using that generator as a pillow, and my right ear is roaring. Thats when its at its worst. Usually that will fade into the background a little after a few hrs but its pretty brutal sometimes.

      curious question which I wonder if any of you have noticed. If you depress the 'tragus' of you ear, then you kind of create a mild rushing sound in your ear. Now when my T is rumbling away in the background of my right ear, and I press on the 'tragus' I cant hear a thing???

      I did have a long term period of time with very little tinitus. I went to a hot spring bath resort in Japan (where I live) for a couple of days. on the way home I noticed I had no tinitus. A week later I noticed again that I hadnt had any bouts of it. Then a month, 2, 6 then suddenly it crept back into my life. Ive since been back to the hot spring but it didnt work a second time
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      Maybe the tinnitus is so loud in your right ear that it covers the rushing sound?

      I tried this now and I can't seem to notice a rushing sound.


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