Two Tones and a Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by Grrrm, Sep 27, 2016.

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      Hoorn NH, Netherlands
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      Hearing loss
      After four weeks after getting my hearing damaged, since then and still, Ive got a tone in my right ear, and another in my left ear, plus a noise that seems to cover the whole left side of my head.

      The noise is at this point the most present one, its mostly louder than the tone at that side. My hearing is also still very sensitive to any sound.
      Can anyone tell me if that sensitive part will wear off... ?

      Its been four weeks now. And somehow i like to think that being that sensitive, creates the noise.. Its like an open microphone, so it sounds. But maybe i am clinging to false hopes.

      I am going to see my doctor today.. get some antidepressant. The panicking, anxiety ... So scared now my life is over. Crying constantly..
      I find it hard to believe all this is happening. I've spent about 8 years going thru depression, i was on medication for 2 years, which got me out. For three years my life was going fairly well, and it was still improving.

      All this. After using a powertool, using earprotection... but not enough. It just wasnt enough.
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      1st May 2016
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      beeping smoke alarm
      Hello Grrrm - I saw your post because I have 2 tones. A high shrill sound that is continual and a droning like an engine - they are in my head. Mine was due to a smoke alarm testing beep that would not stop so I was exposed to quite a few beeps before wrapping it in clothes. That was on 1st May and I have struggled with the anxiety of it particularly the first few weeks when it seemed like bad dream each time I woke up. Sometimes thinking how will I get from one end of the day to the other. Like you, I was getting better from a difficult condition, fibromyalgia so it is like a really big set back. I wonder if conditions like depression and fibromyalgia mean that the nervous system is a bit more sensitive. When I got to see audiology 4 and half months later they said I was easily triggered with tinnitus due to high frequency hearing loss so that would at least partly explain it.

      I live in hope it will reduce or go away and reinforce this by reading as many positive stories as possible.

      I have practised transcendental meditation for years and continued meditating twice a day regardless of T. This has helped me to keep some calmness. I have also found some lovely mantras such as sung by Deva Premal - for example the gayatri mantra - and play them on repeat. You can find this also on youtube. This gives a positive energy and something for the mind to pay attention to other than T. I don't play it loud to drown it out but just enough to hold my attention.

      I also am a student of A Course in Miracles. Spiritual books hold the same fundamental message: When seeming adversity appears remember that it is always opportunity in disguise. This seems almost impossible to believe to start with but for me my reading helps me to trust in it. Today in a charity shop I found 'When everything changes change everything - in a time of turmoil, a pathway to peace by Neale Donald Walsch. It can help to read books like this which talk about how others have coped with adversity by changing how they perceive things.

      I also recommend the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. If now is the only moment we have (because the past and future are only in our minds) then I try to remind myself to fully appreciate this moment and what is around me.

      I find that since T I am most happy in nature. I am lucky I live by the sea. When I am out I put my attention on the sounds of the waves, bird song and rustling leaves. This helps to calm me and keep in the present moment rather that focusing on T. Of course, I don't always succeed but it helps. Also, some lovely natural oils and natural incense without chemicals can use the sense of smell and again take attention away. Anything to access this moment. Reading is good for me because I immerse in the reading especially if the message reinforces to Accept what is!

      I have gone over and over the event that happened and wished it didn't but then I remind myself it is not helping now.

      Reading on the site The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre, London UK also helped me a lot. It seemed a very reassuring site that others have got through this with practical help to habituate. It is a Tinnitus Retraining Therapy site.
      I hope your visit to the doctors was helpful. Were you referred to audiology. If not you should request it.
      I hope your tinnitus has reduced and you are feeling calmer. I do understand how it feels when it happens out of the blue.

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