UK Members, What Are/Were Your Thoughts and Feelings About Brexit and the Referendum?

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UK users of TTalk, were/are you for or against leaving the EU?

  1. was for leaving the EU

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  2. was against leaving the EU

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    1. realdougconnolly

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      Howdy folks (American Accent),

      I'm your little Yankee friend from South-Eastern Massachusetts dropping by. Admittedly, this one has nothing to do with tinnitus or hyperacusis, but I've been thinking about it lately considering I've run into so many UK users on the message board. Just curious...

      1. Were you for or against Brexit at the time of the referendum? Did you have any reasons as to why you leaned one way or another?
      2. Did any of you guys vote in the referendum?
      3. Has your opinion on leaving the European Union changed in the time elapsed since the referendum?
      4. If you could undo Brexit right now, would you or would you not?
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